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Best Weapons in Days Gone - Special Weapons Guide

Are you playing Days Gone and looking for the best weapons to make your game even more enjoyable? We’ll highlight some of the best weapons in Days Gone and why they are so powerful. This is our Top 5 Weapons Guide. Weapons can be swapped out at Decons Locker. Best Weapons in Days Gone In […]

Days Gone: Best Kerosene Locations

The best Kerosene Locations in Days Gone will be found at the Marion Forks gas station at the beginning of the game. Many people rush past these areas. Marion Forks is the most enriched portion of the map when it comes to materials. We made this guide for those who have trouble finding enough resources to continue playing Days […]

Days Gone - Can Farming Locations

Here are the best Farming Locations for Cans in Days Gone. Our guide has seven cans in a single location. Players can gather everything here at the beginning of the game. So everyone can use this as they progress and come back to restock as needed. Can Cans are a common resource, and Deacon utilizes […]

Days Gone Gunpowder Farming Locations

Here are the best farming locations for Gunpowder in Days Gone. During our playthrough, we struggled to find enough supplies to survive let alone take on the hordes. Wishing I could just buy Growlers and Alarm Clocks from a vendor. We made this guide with the idea of going to an area, loading up on supplies, and getting back to […]

Days Gone Alarm Clock Farming Locations

Here are the best locations to farm Alarm Clocks while playing Days Gone. They are the main resource required to craft Attractors and Attractor Bombs. Used as utility items to cause distractions for some breathing room or set up deadly traps. Alarm Clocks and Car Alarms are interchangeable. No need to run around to random cars […]

Days Gone Polystyrene Farming Locations - Find Weavers Missing Cups

Polystyrene in Days Gone is a rare crafting material for many items that are vital for survival. You will find yourself low on this resource often. Our aim in this guide is to help you stock up on this styrofoam from multiple farming locations. We will also touch on Weavers' mission in case you're here for […]

Days Gone: Pipe Bomb Crafting Recipe & Material Locations

The Pipe Bomb in Days Gone is a very common explosive device. Basic ingredients allow for these to be homemade. Some Gun Powder is packed inside to increase the power of the explosion. This particular recipe in Days Gone also uses nails to spray shrapnel in all directions. Highly illegal to possess in real life. […]

Days Gone Attractor Bomb Crafting Recipe | Unlock Guide

To unlock the Attractor Bomb Crafting Recipe in Days Gone you have to clear Ambush Camps. A Noise making bomb that attracts nearby Freakers before detonating. Meaning we are combining two strong items into one. Producing the best device in the game but also requiring more resources. Combine a Can with a Spark Igniter, Gun […]

Days Gone | Proximity Bomb Crafting Recipe - IED

You unlock the Days Gone Proximity Bomb by progressing in the Ambush Camp Hunter storyline. Not to be confused with the Mine version of this device. Being a sensor IED this crafting recipe requires many resources to build. Some are no so easy to find but we can help with that! Background Information on IEDs […]

Days Gone | MG 55 with MAG Upgrade Unlocked

Here is our guide on how to unlock the MG 55 and Mag Upgrade in Days Gone. This LMG is capable of firing 115 rounds after you equip the extended magazine. It's called a magazine even though the weapon is belt-fed in real life. This gun takes a top spot as one of the best […]

Days Gone Growler Farming Locations | Unlimited Jugs

You just found the best Days Gone Growler Farming Locations for gaining unlimited jugs to craft Napalm Molotovs. We got 8 from the sawmill in one run but will get more than 10 if you inspect every building. Follow this Polystyrene Farming guide if you also need those and our exploit to farm unlimited materials […]

Days Gone Exploit | Unlimited Crafting Materials

If you are ever low on resources you can use this Days Gone Exploit to get unlimited crafting materials. Sometimes after an intense fight with a horde, we can use up all our resources. Some items take up to 5 materials to craft. This helped me in my playthrough and want to share it. Deacon […]

Days Gone Chicago Chopper | Gun Location Guide

Here is our Gun Location Guide for the Days Gone Chicago Chopper also known as the legendary Tommy Gun. With a huge ammo capacity and fast fire rate, this gun can take a lot of enemies down. Accurate as close range. This weapon being in Military Spec Condition means its top-tier material. The Thompson has […]

Days Gone | IDF Pup Weapon and Mag Upgrade

We noticed it was hard to find solid info on How To Unlock The IDF Pup Weapon in Days Gone so we decided to find everything we could and share it. At face value, this weapon is an Exterminator and substantially better than most guns in the game. Solid accuracy, ammo, and recoil with high […]

Days Gone | Drifter Crossbow Guide - How To Unlock

In the world of Days Gone we are faced with freakers and homicidal maniacs. Attention is not something we are after. For those moments when you need to be unheard is where the Drifter Crossbow comes in. At the very beginning of the storyline Deacon rides to a new camp with Boozer. In the special […]

Days Gone | Incendiary Bolt Crafting Recipe (Fire Bolt)

When dealing with the freakers, fire is your best friend. The Days Gone Incendiary Bolt Crafting Recipe for the Drifter Crossbow is unlocked by completing the Ambush Camp Hunter storyline. Therefore, upon completion, you will also unlock the Explosive Bolt. Incendiary Bolt Crafting Recipe These flaming arrows are extremely efficient at putting things on fire […]

Days Gone - Remote Bomb Crafting Recipe

A breakout of infested took over the landscape and Deacon takes it upon himself to clear as many nests and hordes as he can manage. Days Gone Remote Bomb Crafting Recipe does big damage and is very useful from a distance. Capable of setting nearby explosives by hitting Right on the D-pad button to trigger an explosion. To craft this […]

Days Gone | Napalm Molotov Crafting Recipe

When it comes to zombies they really hate fire. So it is important that you have the Days Gone Napalm Molotov Recipe to eliminate hordes and Infestation Locations. The resources required to build it are a bit more than the infamous younger brother Molotov Cocktail. Here are the best growler farming locations to stock up on supplies. The difference between the […]

Days Gone: Marion Forks Infestation Nest Locations - Walkthrough Guide

Days Gone Marion Forks Infestation Nest locations are usually easy to find but sometimes can be difficult to locate. Zombies will keep spawning in large numbers in these red zones until you burn their infested nest. Here are all 5 Nest Locations in the Marion Forks territory. Fast travel will be locked for this location […]

Days Gone Logging Camp Infestation Nest Locations

Days Gone Logging Camp Infestation Nest locations are sometimes hard to find even after searching the entire red area. Zeds in the infested areas can keep spawning until you wreak the nest that they are hiding in. Here are all 7 Nest Locations in the Logging Camp territory. These Infestation dens are easy to spot […]

Days Gone Crazy Willies Infestation Nest Locations

Days Gone Crazy Willies Infestation Nest locations are sometimes hard to find while searching the area. Zombies in the infested area will keep spawning until the nest that they hide in is destroyed. Here are all 4 Nest Locations in Crazy Willies territory. These Infestation dens are pretty easy to see by the dark branches, […]

Days Gone - Infestation Exterminator | All Nest Locations

This is the complete storyline in Days Gone Infestation Exterminator. All infected Nest Locations are provided by pictures along with a video guide for each area in Days Gone. The goal here is to burn all the places the zombies use to hide. With an added bonus, you will also be free to fast travel […]