The best Kerosene Locations in Days Gone will be found at the Marion Forks gas station at the beginning of the game. Many people rush past these areas. Marion Forks is the most enriched portion of the map when it comes to materials.

We made this guide for those who have trouble finding enough resources to continue playing Days Gone. I’ve found myself wandering around the map hoping to find that specific material to craft a particular item in my inventory.


Uniquely identified by its blue and white container, Kerosene is a highly flammable liquid made from Petroleum. Days Gone will use this fuel to create weapons to defeat hordes of zombies. They are giving the living a chance to fight back against the undead.

This hydrocarbon is a rare commodity in the post-apocalyptic world. No worries. We got you covered!


The following items use Kerosene as an ingredient:

All Kerosene Locations

Decon can find Kerosene in seven places at Marion Forks. Some have an Infestation Nest that you should destroy before entering the area.

A few spots have multiple supplies not far from each other. The recipes above use Growler and Polystyrene as an ingredient. So please keep a lookout for them while jumping between spots.

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Location 1 – Survival Tent

Days Gone Kerosene Location 1 Map
Days Gone Kerosene Location 1

The first batch of Kerosine is at the entrance of the red and black tent.

At the main tunnel of Marion Forks, there is a Nero Checkpoint. Head towards the canopy.

Location 2 – Survival Tent

Days Gone Kerosene Location 2

Grab the second can of Kerosine next to the bed in the same tent.

This one isn’t far from the first location.

Location 3 – Tractor Garage

Days Gone Kerosene Location 3 Map
Days Gone Kerosene Location 3

The third Kerose is North, behind the tractor garage on a wooden box.

Travel north towards the lake. There is a destroyed garage with some boxes behind it.

Location 4 – Bait & Tackle Store

Days Gone Kerosene Location 4
Days Gone Kerosene Location 4 Map

Mastersons Bait & Tackle shop to the east is the home to the fourth Kerosene supply can. 

Ride further down the road past the gas station and stop at the red building. Park your bike in the empty parking lot. I’m sure no one will mind.

Location 5 – Bait & Tackle Shop

Days Gone Kerosene Location 5

Further into the Tackle shop is the fifth location as well.

This store is not what it used to be. Head towards the toppled shelves.

Location 6 – Main Street

Days Gone Kerosene Location 6 Map
Days Gone Kerosene Location 6

Exit the store and retrieve the sixth Kerosene on the blue barrel.

There is a bus blocking the main street. Head towards the green dumpster.

Location 7 – Hungry Jims Diner

Days Gone Kerosene Location 7 Map
Days Gone Kerosene Location 7

Hungry Jims has the seventh on the table at the front door.

Move towards the other side of the bus. We are not here for brunch. Get the rest of the supplies.


Using this guide guarantees an endless amount of resources to build any fire-orientated weapon in the game. Molotov will assist in the early game. Napalm for the hordes and Fire Bolts for the crows’ nest later on.

If you need more Kerosene, sleep for a couple of days, and all resources on the map will respawn. For more info, see our Unlimited Crafting Materials guide.