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Fortnite Harpoon Gun Stats - New Weapon Guide

There is a NEW Fortnite Harpoon Gun that was silently released this Tuesday. Previously leaked in a data mine but is now actually in the game. It is believed that the assets were placed in the v11.10 Fortnitemares patch and now players can access it in-game. This is a direct buff over the Fishing Rod. […]

Fortnite Fire Rings Chapter 2 Locations | Motorboat Jump

Here are the Fortnite Fire Rings Chapter 2 Locations to jump through on a motorboat. Must jump through 3 different flaming rings to complete the challenge in the new weekly Dockyard Deal mission. We have seen this before with land vehicles and airplanes but this time it's with boats. Lucky for us motorboats in Fortnite […]

Fortnite Mansion of Power Location | Creative Curse Guide

This Fortnite Mansion of Power Location Guide is specifically for those that can't find where to start this challenge or people to play it with. Here's an Easy Fix! This is required to complete the Creative Curse Challenges to get these time-sensitive rewards. There are 17 Challenges rewarding a total of 300,000 XP, Spreading Chaos […]

Historical Diorama Fortbyte 76 Location - Fortnite Guide

Fortbyte 76 is located on the first floor of the Historical Building, behind a Historical Diorama in Neo Tilted. Epic Games has been releasing new bytes in Fortnite every day so far. They are not released in numerical order. Below is a YouTube video of the exact location of the Fortbyte. Fortbyte 76 Location Above […]

Fortnite Cheat Sheet - Week 10, Season 8 Challenges Complete

Here you will find an all-inclusive Fortnite Cheat Sheet for Challenges in Season 8, Week 10 Battle Pass. Also, don't forget to use Creator Code: ItsYahBoii360QuickScopeYahMomKhed for a sigh of relief and instantly receive wild child repellent for 24hs. Launch through 3 Flaming Hoops With a Cannon All flaming Hoops can be completed within one […]