Here are the best farming locations for Gunpowder in Days Gone. During our playthrough, we struggled to find enough supplies to survive let alone take on the hordes. Wishing I could just buy Growlers and Alarm Clocks from a vendor. We made this guide with the idea of going to an area, loading up on supplies, and getting back to playing the game.


Gunpowder is a rare resource that is required for crafting explosive items. This explosive component looks like a tall black container with a yellow label and red cap. A fire symbol will be placed over the item when using Survival Vision.


The following recipes have Gunpowder as an ingredient:

Best Gunpowder Locations

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One of the best locations to farm Gunpowder is at the Spruce Lake Nero Checkpoint in the Crater Lake region.

The Crater Lake region is unlocked towards the middle of the game. We recommend you sleep for a couple of days as we explained in our unlimited crafting materials exploit. Then drive or fast travel over and clear the checkpoint. The video provided above will walk you through all locations.

Location 1

Days Gone Gunpowder Location 1

The first Gunpowder location is on the top of a concrete barrier at the entrance of the Nero Checkpoint.

When you first arrive slow down towards the entrance right after the blue SUV with words spray-painted on it. Right past it will be a couple of barriers.

Grab the second case of Gunpowder on the next concrete barrier to the left.

This one is about 10 feet to the left of the first location.

The third Gunpowder location is sitting on the bed inside the medical facility for the checkpoint.

This Medical Facility is very close and can be spotted to your left. To open the door we must fill the power generator with the red gas can. Interact with the red button till the generator starts and the button turns green.

Take the fourth Gunpowder in the same med facility on the green table.

The green table is located on the other side of the small facility. Should be very easy to spot.

The fifth Gunpowder location is in the tent, under the stretcher on the floor.

You’ll find the tent on the other side of this Nero Checkpoint. It has a hole with a latter that leads to the bunker.