Here are the best locations to farm Alarm Clocks while playing Days Gone. They are the main resource required to craft Attractors and Attractor Bombs. Used as utility items to cause distractions for some breathing room or set up deadly traps.

Alarm Clocks and Car Alarms are interchangeable. No need to run around to random cars guessing if you going to be lucky. Follow the guide below and you will never have to worry about building attractions again.

All Alarm Clock Locations

Days Gone Alarm Clock Location

In the Belnap Region, there is a Gas Station Deacon finds very early in Days Gone. Same location as the Marion Forks Infestation Nests. Follow this guide if you would like to clear those nests before continuing with this guide.

There are a total of 5 Alarm Clocks at this Gas Station. The photo above has each location numbered and pinpointed with red dots. Feel free to gather these in any order. Being numbered just helps simplify the process.

Location #1: Destroyed Garage

Alarm Clock Location 1

The first Alarm Clock is sitting on a wooden box right next to some Kerosene.

Heading towards the Destroyed Garage you will either see a bunch of zombies or burn marks from an intense fire. Either way head around the back.

Location #2: Lounge

Alarm Clock Location 2

The second Alarm Clock is on the Wooden table in the center of the room.

The Lounge is west of the first location. A two-story building that has an abandoned couch and table on the second floor. Use the stairs inside the building. Do Not use the wooden steps outside, these will take you to the balcony instead of the lounge.

Location #3: Abandoned Warehouse

Alarm Clock Location 3

Grab the third Alarm Clock in between the two metal shelves.

Now head west again but this time to the other side of the gas station. There is a mini-warehouse storage unit behind a convenience store. You can spot it by the big metal door on the front.

Location #4: Church Playground

Alarm Clock Location 4

The fourth Alarm Clock is a wooden bench surrounded by many other resources.

We are now heading south to the destroyed Church building. Outback there will be some picnic tables with a small park. Don’t bother looting the church. It’s completely empty. makes sure to grab the Tin Can here.

Location #5: Garden

Alarm Clock Location 5

The fifth Alarm Clock is in the tall grass in the garden.

A little further west there is a garden with a DIY greenhouse and some miscellaneous plants growing. Travel to the backyard and approach the house. Go in the tall grass right on the edge of the porch for the exact location.