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Resident Evil 3 White Zombies | Pale Heads Weakness

Trying to defeat the Resident Evil 3 White Zombie Pale Heads can be frustrating when using the wrong weapon type. Sometimes they just won't go down! What's with that? Here we have a full guide on this albino creature. We can find the best way to defeat them by understanding how they behave behind the […]

Resident Evil 3 RAIDEN Gun | Full Weapon Guide

Here is the one-shot kill Resident Evil 3 Raiden weapon. At first glance, you can see the electric current flowing through the glass tube on the top. To the back, it seems like there is a battery or main power source. Equipt with a normal-looking handle and trigger while the front looks like the end […]

Resident Evil 3 Fuggedaboutim | Bonus Record Guide

Here is the bizarre Resident Evil 3 Fuggedaboutim Record that you can unlock for some points to use in the shop. At first, it is a secret achievement that shows no hint on how to actually complete this record. Also referred to as “ForgetAboutit” instead. Here is a guide to help you get that Platinum […]