Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic zombie adventure that has captured the attention of tens of thousands of players around the world. The game provides a visually stunning world and engaging action gameplay mechanics. In this world, melee weapons are crucial to survival as the fast-moving zombies, known as Freakers, can quickly close the gap between players and hordes.

Find-and-craft approach is used for melee weapons in Days Gone, offering players a variety of hand-made weapons from materials found across the map. This blog will outline the top 5 melee weapons in Days Gone, as well as provide information on crafting and finding these weapons.

Top 5 melee weapons in Days Gone

Days Gone Best Melee Weapons
Days Gone Best Melee Weapons

The game has incredibly designed melee weapons to unlock that can help the players survive against the freaks. Some of the top melee weapons in Days Gone include Ripper Blade, Lawn Mower Machete, Baseball Bat Axe, Superior Mace, and Superior Metal Axe.

Ripper Blade and Lawn Mower Machete require items, whereas, Baseball Bat Axe can be crafted or found in the wild. Superior Metal Axe and Superior Mace are rare but powerful weapons that can be found in specific locations.

These weapons can make the gameplay more exciting and can help the players defeat the infected with ease.

Ripper Blade

The Ripper Blade is capable of taking down freakers and bandits within just two swings. While it can be later crafted, players will come across it lying around while exploring Oregon.

The items required for crafting the Ripper Blade include a stool leg, sawblade, and scrap. With this weapon in hand, players can expect to breeze through the game’s challenges with ease. The Ripper Blade is a must-have for any player hoping to survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with danger and mayhem.

Lawn Mower Machete

The Lawn Mower Machete can be found while exploring the game’s open world or crafted. It’s perfect for taking down enemies with just a few hits.

Deacon doesn’t need any special items to craft it. Once acquired, he can use it to clear out freakers and bandits with ease. This weapon is especially useful in the early stages of the game when Deacon has limited access to firepower.

With its sharp blade and sturdy grip, the Lawn Mower Machete is a must-have in any melee-heavy combat situation.

Baseball Bat Axe

The Baseball Bat Axe is a powerful melee weapon that is essentially a baseball bat with a sawblade attached to it, which results in great power and damage.

Unfortunately, finding the Baseball Bat Axe on the ground can be a huge pain, so crafting it would be the best option. The recipe for crafting this weapon requires a wood baseball bat and a saw blade. Once you craft it, you’ll have a reliable weapon that can take down freaks with ease. Its only downside is its low durability, so you’ll have to keep repairing it often.

Superior Mace

The Superior Mace is one of the best melee weapons in Days Gone. While it may not deal as much damage as the Superior Metal Axe, it’s durability is much higher. This weapon cannot be crafted, making it a rarer find than others.

Players can locate the Superior Mace at either the Diamond Lake Encampment on the stairs of one of the huts or at the Crater Lake Visitor Center behind an abandoned car near the center welcome sign. Despite its rarity, it’s worth seeking out as it can pack a powerful punch during gameplay.

Superior Metal Axe

The Superior Metal Axe is formidable and is the best melee weapon in Days Gone that can take on hordes of Freakers with ease. Although there is no crafting recipe for the axe, players can find it in specific locations throughout the game. Its high damage output and durability make it a fan favorite among players who love close combat.

One can find the axe in the terrace overlooking Diamond Lake during a cutscene with Kouri, behind a blue pickup truck on the road, and in the parking lot of the general store during a mission to find yeast for Sarah. With the Superior Metal Axe in hand, players can take on any challenge with confidence.

Crafting and finding these melee weapons

Crafting and finding melee weapons in Days Gone is an important aspect of the game. Some weapons like the baseball bat axe and the machete can be crafted, requiring specific items to make them.

However, finding these weapons on the ground can be an easier option at times. The metal axe and superior mace cannot be crafted, but they are highly sought after due to their high damage and durability. It is possible to find these weapons at specific locations in the game.

It is essential to keep replacing and repairing melee weapons as they wear out quickly. Overall, having a variety of melee weapons to choose from is vital to surviving in Days Gone.

Items required for crafting each weapon

Crafting the best melee weapons in Days Gone requires more than just finding blueprints. Each weapon requires specific items to be crafted, and it’s important to keep track of them to ensure you have what you need to create the ultimate weapon. Here are the items required for crafting each weapon:

  1. Bat Axe – wooden baseball bat, scrap, saw blade
  2. Block Takedown – boot knife, scrap, box of nails
  3. Heavy Duty Axe – fire axe, scrap, map of forest.
  4. Superior Club – ripper club, scrap, metal shards.

By keeping an eye out for these items, players can maximize their melee combat potential in Days Gone. Whether crafting the Bat Axe or the Superior Club, having the right materials can make all the difference. So, make sure to gather everything you need and start crafting your ideal weapon today!

Final thoughts on the top melee weapons in the game.

After exploring the world of Days Gone, it’s evident that the melee weapons in the game play a critical role in taking on hordes of enemies.

Among the top weapons include the Baseball Bat, Machete, and Sledgehammer. The Baseball Bat is perfect for taking out small groups of enemies while the Machete’s speed and versatility make it ideal for one-on-one combat.

The Sledgehammer is a powerhouse, capable of taking down multiple enemies with one swing. It’s crucial to note that the damage each weapon inflicts varies, and players should choose their weapons based on what suits their playstyle.

When it comes down to it, having a healthy mix of speed, range, and damage potential can make all the difference.