Now that Deacon is an unofficial Bounty Hunter in Days Gone, we need to Locate Lynchman in the Seeds For The Spring Mission. The mission starts with you traveling to a destination where Rikki thinks it was his last location. When we arrive in the general area, the game prompts us to examine some clue to initiate the chase.

Seeds For The Spring Mission

Locate Lynchman Bounty Hunter
Days Gone Locate Lynchman Bounty Hunter 1

The Storyline for this mission is about betrayal. Someone the Lost lake Camp trusted, has attacked them and stole seeds that we needed for the winter. Desperate times make people become savages. This guy obviously thought our camp was an easy target.

Best Items and Perks to use

This is a chase scene. Get the engine upgrade for Deacons’ motorcycle so you can keep up with the bikers. Nitrous Oxide will also be handy in case you crash or need to accelerate quickly to catch up.

Last but not least having an upgraded pistol and tier 5 perk for more Ammo for each gun is almost essential. I have run out of ammo twice trying to do this mission so this saves you from restarting the mission in case you fail.

Locate Lynchman Guide – Bounty Hunter

Before we examine the clue be sure to grab the ammo boxes in the area. Lynchman will start trash talking us driving by on his motorcycle. Two other bikers are with him that we also should take out. Quickly jump on your bike and start the chase. Make sure to hit every shot because we can not get any more ammo and are forced to use the pistol to shoot his back tire.

The Motorcycle Chase

Days Gone Locate Lynchman Bike Chase
Days Gone Locate Lynchman Bike Chase 1

The closer we are to them the more accurate our aim will be. To acquire and change targets press L1 and it will auto-lock on. Only fire your weapon when you are sure you can land the shot. Just in case you do run dry on ammo you can ram his bike engine instead-but take the chance of crashing and restarting the mission.

Hogtie Lynchman with the rope, radio Rikki to update your credits and receive 4,000 XP for your efforts. Boozer will be proud of farming away now that the seeds are back at Lost Lake Camp. For more help check out our Days Gone guides. We also shared this post on medium here.