Days Gone Pipe Bomb

Days Gone Pipe Bomb Recipe Location

The Pipe Bomb in Days Gone is one of the most common explosives devices ever made. Basic ingredients allow for these to be a homemade IED. Some Gun Powder is packed inside the pipe to increase the power of the explosion. This particular recipe in Days Gone also uses nails to spray shrapnel in all directions. These are highly illegal to possess in real life.

Similar to the Attractor Bomb recipe that first gains the zombies attention before detonation.

The main material for this recipe is scavenged from water piping. Many places are deserted after the breakout. So it is commonly found around the world being unused for its previous purpose.

Pipe Bomb Crafting Recipe

Days Gone Pipe Bomb

Days Gone rewards the player with recipes (blueprints) for many items. Decon will need these blueprints before he can craft them. Even if Decon has the materials beforehand.

It's advised to collect all resources whether we can use them right now or not. Eventually, we will max out our inventory space. This will allow us to craft new items as soon as we get the recipe. Then we restock again.

  • The outer casing is a Pipe made of metal. Providing shrapnel after detonation.
  • Gunpower is stuffed inside. Will ignite a few seconds after the wick is lit.
  • Next, a box of nails is added for additional damage.
  • Scrap is molded for the caps to enclose this device.

How To Unlock The Pipe Bomb

The Pipe Bomb in Days Gone is unlocked early in the "Keep Your Friends Close" storyline. Decon is tasked with protecting Skizzo through various missions in Iron Mikes camp. After a couple of missions, you will be rewarded with the recipe for crafting.

There is no particular mission that rewards this piece of equipment. Just keep playing that same storyline and the unlock screen will pop up.

After receiving the recipe you can craft it from your inventory. Hold L1, rotate the right stick to find the item you want to make, then press R1. If you don't have enough material the text will be red. Gather the missing ingredients and the option will be available.

Required Materials

While roaming in Days Gone, many resources will be located scattered around. All are used for building items to help Decon survive. It's also possible to find some items fully made in rare circumstances. Mostly found searching bodies.

Small Pipe1
Gun Powder1
Box Of Nails1

Scrap can is commonly found everywhere. Specifically under the hood of cars and mechanic workshops. Box Of Nails spawns everywhere. Won't have a problem finding them.

Try using our Unlimited Crafting Materials exploit.

Locating Gun Powder is a tricky one. Gun powder is used for almost all the explosives in the game. Found many cases at Nero Checkpoints. Small Pipes also spawn in car shops.

Those are various places you can find all the materials to craft a Pipe Bomb. Fast traveling to Nero Checkpoints is a fast way to collect resources.

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