Days Gone MG 55 and Mag Unlocked

Days Gone | MG 55 with MAG Upgrade Unlocked

Here is our guide on How to unlock the MG 55 and Mag Upgrade in Days Gone. This LMG is capable of firing 115 rounds after you equip the extended magazine. Its called a magazine even though the weapon is belt-fed in real life. Introduce to the world by the USA in 1967 originally called M60 Machine Gun. A tactical military-grade weapon with low recoil so it can be fired from the standing position.

While playing Days Gone we come along another Storyline call Horde Killer. Deacon must travel on his bike exterminating massive hordes. In the beginning, it will be difficult with the arsenal you have. As you progress you will get higher tier loot and skills to match the threat against you.

Mg 55 Stats

How To Unlock The MG 55

Deacon runs around the wild handling his business. Eliminating 60% of the hordes in Days Gone to be rewarded the MG 55 machine gun. This weapon is a total beast. Anything in front of you while firing stops moving. Run into a breaker zombie? No problem! Hold triangle and show them reacher zombies why you came this far. After you unlock the upgraded attachment this game is on easy mode. You might also be interested in our IDF Pup Rifle guide.

Horde Killer Storyline
horde killer rewards

When an endless group of zombies decides your dinner, reliable firepower separates you from the dead. If you plan on getting this gun early here are a few tips to help you along. The best skills for Horde hunting are:

Best SkillsDescription
On The Move Reload while running.
Just Roll With It Reduces stamina cost for rolling drastically.
Quick Reload Reloading is faster.
Up The Ante Maximum Ammo is increased.
Focused Shot Can activate focus while aiming.
Two Birds, One Bullet Increased penetration.
Fight and Flight Move and Aim with more precision.
Shape Up Faster stamina recovery.

Unlock Extended Mag Upgrade

The LMG magazine upgrade increases the mag from 75 bullets to 115 giving Deacon 40 extra ammo per reload. Eliminate 85% of the hordes and this enhancement is yours. A very noticeable change in firepower. Switching from a rifle or a shotgun in the middle of a fight is when its the most obvious. Sacrificing some accuracy for more sustained DPS up close.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the MG 55 with the Extended Mag feels like a cheat code was enabled. Mowing down everything in sight. The only drawbacks would be accuracy at medium to long-range and ammo consumption. Ammo is easy to manage but can get expensive when buying from a vendor instead of looting and police car or ammo box. Have fun, this weapon is a blast to use.

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