You unlock the Days Gone Proximity Bomb by progressing in the Ambush Camp Hunter storyline. Not to be confused with the Mine version of this device. Being a sensor IED this crafting recipe requires many resources to build. Some are no so easy to find but we can help with that!

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Background Information on IEDs

Here is some background information on Improvised Explosive Devices. Being constructed in an unconventional manner but still very effective. This is a video game not real life. Any movement in the area will set the sensor off causing an explosion.

Especially good for knowing where the zombies will be going in advance. Deacon will have to be precise though because sometimes it will detonate well after the freakers have left the blast radius leading to wasted materials.

There are many explosives in days gone. For information on those check out our guide on remote bomb and attractor bomb recipe instead.

YouTube video
Unlimited Crafting Materials

The video above will teach you how to get unlimited crafting materials for all items. In this example, we use the Sawmill but will work in any area in the game.

How to Unlock the Proximity Bomb Recipe

Ambush Camp Unlockables
All Crafting Recipes For Ambush Camp Hunter

The proximity bomb is unlocked after completing 7 out of the 14 Ambush Camps in Days Gone. (60% completion in the storyline) These do not need to be completed in any particular order. Go at your own pace. The image above shows what you can unlock.

The best objective to complete early in the game is Camps. Must discover them yourself but once found, a marker will be displayed on the map. Defended and reinforced, Deacon must first navigate around traps to stay undetected.

Eliminate everyone in the camp and find the bunker entrance. They are always in different locations and sometimes hard to find. Head down the latter to the inside of the bunker and read the map. Infestation Locations will also now display on your map along with unlocking recipes for crafting new items.

Being Efficient with Resources

Sometimes this IED device has a mind of its own. Exploding AFTER the zombies run past it. Getting the position right is very difficult sometimes. Crafting one after finally finding the spark igniter just to be wasted on 4 zombies feels terrible.

Unless Deacon knows where the enemy is before the fight the sensor bomb isn’t that great. It’s very fun to set traps however. Here is a table of what we need to craft it:

Gun Powder1
Spark Igniter1
Box Of Nails1

Placing the device on the ground in Days Gone will reveal a color, red or green. Green means we can place it on the current terrain. In other words, sometimes we cannot place explosives on steep hills or on sharp angles.


In conclusion, the Proximity Bomb is only useful in specific situations. These are explosive traps that will detonate when movement is detected. Sometimes too late because the enemy has already cleared the blast radius. When placed correctly or paired with another explosive they can be very effective.