Here is our Gun Location Guide for the Days Gone Chicago Chopper also known as the legendary Tommy Gun. With a huge ammo capacity and fast fire rate, this gun can take a lot of enemies down. Accurate as close range. This weapon being in Military Spec Condition means its top-tier material.

The Thompson has a mag capacity of 55 at stock. Expandable to a whopping 80-round drum with the upgrade. With maxed range and Fire Rate, this thing chews through bullets and zombies alike.

Able to kill any regular enemy in one hit to the body, meaning 80 freakers dead before having to reload. The only downside to this gun is the accuracy. In the medium range, it is difficult to hit your mark consistently.

This weapon made our Top 5 Weapons List for Days Gone.

Background And History

The gun’s name comes from its use by gangsters in Chicago during the 1920s and 30s when it was first developed. The name comes from its distinctive sound when fired, which sounds like someone chopping wood on an ax handle with every round fired from this gun.

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Meaning we have a showdown, the IDF Pup vs Chicago Chopper to see who is the crowned king of extermination. The amount of damage these guns can push out is incredible. Using explosives instead of shooting will actually lower your damage per second. Crazy right?

How To Get Chicago Chopper

While playing Days Gone, Deacon and Boozer travel around the map to different camps. These camps offer different items in their shops that we can buy. The Chicago Chopper is located at Wizard Island in Crater lake and can be unlocked at trust Level 2.

Even though we put in some work for James Weaver we still have to use credits to purchase it. Crater Lake is an area you come across towards the end of the game. You can only get there by progressing into the main storyline.

Crater Lake Location
Days Gone Crater Lake Wizard Island 1

It gets even better with the Up The Ante skill in the Ranged category. Unlocking this skill will increase the ammo to all ranged weapons you have equipped. Allowing the Tommy Gun to hold 300 rounds total!

If we land all our shots this can kill an entire horde easily. Remember we can always restore ammunition from the saddlebag on Deacon’s bike if you have the upgrade.


We have a weapon with the ammo capacity of an LMG with the firepower of a marksmen rifle. Impressive stats but is held back by how inaccurate it gets while shooting full auto.

Best close-range weapon in the game even compared to shotguns. At medium to long ranges, the IDF Pup rifle is a bit more accurate.