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How to craft Aphid Slippers in Grounded

Aphid Slippers are a type of Gear in Grounded that increases your movement speed. Here is our guide on how to unlock and craft the slippers. Note that these are essential for the exploration and we suggest you build them as soon as possible. Aphid Slippers Aphid Slippers are crafted from those little cute green […]

How to craft Acorn Shovel in Grounded

The Acorn Shovel is a tool in Grounded used to dig up grubs that travel underground and to gather clay. The crafting recipe for the shovel is unlocked by analyzing the resource that is needed to make it. This tool is easy to make for new players. You will either be using this tool sparingly […]

Where to find Stink Bug in Grounded

The Stinkbug is a unique enemy type in Grounded that releases foul-smelling gas from its body as a defense mechanism from predators. The location we have will give us a chance for them to be fighting Lady Bugs. Gas Bugs got attacks only they can do. This particular insect can be countered by using a […]

How to craft Spike Strip in Grounded

Tired of your base getting demolished by bugs? Try crafting a Spike Strip to protect your stuff while playing Grounded. Walls can only do so much by themselves. With a couple of well-placed traps, you can increase your chances of survival. Sometimes bugs just spawn inside your structures. Other times they smelled your food storage […]

Mint Mallet - How to craft the best weapon in Grounded

Here is the complete guide to Crafting the Mint Mallet in Grounded. This is a hammer that deals massive damage and can also stun quite often. We will list some steps for you to follow that can be done in any order after Step 1. This guide should take about 10 - 45 minutes to […]

How to find Bombardier Beetle in Grounded

The Bombardier Beetle is an enemy type in Grounded that uses bomb attacks to damage from a distance. The location we provide will allow you to sneak up behind this insect and attack from a safe spot. Watch out though. It can shoot back! Bomb beetles have unique attacks and appearance. At first, new insects […]

How to unlock Floors in Grounded

Floors are a Base Building resource in Grounded for making houses or simple shelters. Not sleeping on the cold ground is a basic tip of survival. Make some floors to improve your quality of life. Great for keeping heat insulated from the ground. The blueprint needs to be discovered before we start crafting. So get […]

Where to gather Weed Stem in Grounded

Weed Stem is a Resource in Grounded and is harvested from Dandelion flowers. One of the many plants we need to gather along our journey. Dandelions can be spotted by the dry looking, sand-colored bark. Basically look for the tallest plant and start swinging your axe at it. No, but seriously the flower is incredibly […]

Grounded - How to craft the Gas Mask early

The Gas Mask is a gear piece in Grounded that helps keep us safe from poison mist spread throughout the map. There are whole sections filled with poison and can not be entered until crafted and equipped. There are many dangers lurking around the corner. Some insects also spew out poisonous gases from their body. […]

How to find Gnat Fuzz in Grounded

Gnat Fuzz is a Resource in Grounded that can be collected from killing those pesky Gnats. They usually find you randomly, but we would like to share a location with dozens of them in one location. Gnat Fuzz These pesky bugs are round and black with small wings that make a buzzing sound when flying […]

How to build Arrows in Grounded

An arrow is a craftable ammo type in Grounded that is used with the Sprig Bow or Insect Bow to shoot enemies from long distances. Great for fighting creatures that can only melee allowing us to rain down arrows from a safe distance. Ammo can be collected off the ground after a fight. If you […]

How to build the Sprig Bow in Grounded

The Sprig Bow is a Weapon built-in Grounded that allows the wielder to do damage from afar. Tired of taking damage from creatures that will instantly kill you? This weapon is the answer. The arrows will take a while to craft but you can pick them back up off the dead creature or the ground […]

Grounded - Pebblet Hammer Busting Tool Guide

The Pebblet Hammer is a craftable weapon in Grounded that is required to gather resources from large Rocks and other useful materials. Considered primitive technology but extremely useful for surviving the back yard horrors. Busting tools are generally used for smashing and craking other objects into smaller ones. Allowing a 10-year-old kid to put 100 […]

Grounded - Crude Rope Material Guide

Crude Rope is a resource in Grounded that can not be found and must be crafted by the player. This recipe is locked. The player must discover the recipe by using some technology hidden around the backyard. Crude Rope Material Crude Rope is used as rope and other types of fibers. It is a basic […]

Grounded - Thistle Plant Location

Here is the resource wiki page for Thistle Plants in grounded. These plants provide Thistle Needle and are used to craft multiple items in the game. Information may change in future patches during early access. We will keep this page updated. This plant will not damage you when harvesting the needle even if you happen […]