We noticed it was hard to find solid info on How To Unlock The IDF Pup Weapon in Days Gone so we decided to find everything we could and share it. At face value, this weapon is an Exterminator and substantially better than most guns in the game. Solid accuracy, ammo, and recoil with high firepower, this rifle has it all. Being in Special Forces Condition lets you know right away it can hold its own.

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The Tavor was created and used by Israel Defense Forces more commonly known as the TAR-21. How does this firearm perform in action you might ask? When we first unlocked it we traded the Chicago Chopper to test it out.

See our post IDF Pup VS Chicago Chopper to see who is the king of war in Days Gone. At the end of the day, it’s a personal preference. Would you sacrifice 15 bullets (with mag upgrade for bullpup) for some rate of fire and more accuracy?

Idf Pup Rifle Stats
Days Gone Idf Pup Rifle 1

How To Unlock the IDF Bullpup

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As you probably suspected by the photo above, many guns in the game are unlocked by progression in the Horde Killer Storyline. There are a total of 40 Hordes in Days Gone. If you Exterminate 50% of them, you will be rewarded with the IDF Bullpup Rifle. Ammo capacity of 45 bullets and even more with the upgrade clip.

There are a couple of ways to find hordes on Days Gone. At first, we drove around the map seeing them at Nero Checkpoints or Nest Locations. Without some serious firepower, for example, using the Napalm Molotov and Attractor combo, taking down 100 zombies took us a while.

As we started to unlock more Crafting Recipes and Firearms we became a true exterminator. Another way to discover Hordes is to complete the main storyline and beat the game. Doing so will reveal every location with a new icon on your map that you did not already defeat.

Bullpup MAG Upgrade

This weapon also has an Extended Magazine Upgrade that will unlock at 75% completion. This will increase the bullet capacity by 20 for a total of 65 rounds in a magazine. In other words, we have the ability to kill 65 zombies before having to reload.

The only other gun that can compete with that is the Tommy Gun. Which one do you like better?

In conclusion, this rifle is top tier for all stats in the primary category. When you equip the MAG Upgrade, it is a contender for the best weapon in the game.

Bullpups have their receiver, bolt, and mag behind the grip. Converting it into a carbine but keeping the power of an assault rifle. If this had a selective fire system like the real version it would be my number one pick. Hands Down!

If you need real firepower try using the MG 55 machine gun instead!