You just found the best Days Gone Growler Farming Locations for gaining unlimited jugs to craft Napalm Molotovs. We got 8 from the sawmill in one run but will get more than 10 if you inspect every building.

Follow this Polystyrene Farming guide if you also need those and our exploit to farm unlimited materials and force them to re-spawn.

These glass growler jugs are filled to the rim with napalm instead of beer to form a Napalm Molotov. Molotov’s angry older brother is capable of spreading fire to large areas.

Perfect for killing zombie hordes grouped around a distractor. Finding some entirely crafted growlers from dead bodies is possible, but it is scarce. So it’s not a reliable way to farm.

Days Gone Growler
Days Gone Growler 1

Where to find Growler

After beating the game, we started fighting hordes, but we always had a problem. Even though napalm bombs were very effective, they were hard to craft, and we had trouble finding them.

Where to find growlers is something I wish we knew while playing. Constantly spawning in the same spot. If not, it means you already collected the jugs and are now on cool-down. Here are our main fast travel zones.

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Crater Lake Sawmill

Days Gone Sawmill
Days Gone Growler Sawmill 1 1

Our first area is at the sawmill near Lost Lake. To pick up Growlers, you must finish the mission “You Alone I Have Seen.” This is where you first use the napalm bomb against one of an immense horde in Days Gone.

Check out the video to see how we farm them in this area. Check inside the barn and around the tents and cabin at the Nero checkpoint. Some are in the locked cabin.

First, you must disable all the radios and fill the generator with fuel to power to get inside the Nero station. This area has two on the grass nearby and one directly outside.

If you fast-travel to this zone, you start at the dirt road. Directly in front of you will be the sawmill. The first floor has two spawn points. The second floor has 2, one outside on the deck and another on a shelf inside. Work your way up to the third floor and find the rest.

Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway

Days Gone Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway
Days Gone Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway 1

This checkpoint is all but destroyed by the havoc of the incident that happened here. Although there were no survivors, all their materials were left behind. Good for us!

How did all these other groups survive if a military camp had been overrun? Here is a table of what you will find.

Small Pipe4
Red Gas Can2
Box Of Nails2
Spark Igniter2
Air Bag4

Chemult Community College Checkpoint

Days Gone Chemult Community College
Days Gone Chemult Community College 1

Next is a popular locale. By no surprise, it is on our list because it just has so many resource spawn points. Crater Lake territories have very little or massive materials to loot.

Check the table below to see if you are interested in what you will find before you travel there.

Box Of Nails3
Red Gas Can2
Spark Igniter1
Alarm Clock1
Beer Bottle3
Small Pipe1

Marion Forks Bar and Hotel

Days Gone Marion Forks
Days Gone Marion Forks Location 1

We have found a couple in Marion Forks, but they have fewer spawns and are further apart. If you run to Deacon’s location on the map above, there will be a couple by a cop car and then some more on the other side of a gas station. Rags, kerosene, and bottles are plenty, but there are better locations for farming.

Shermans Camp Horde Area

Days Gone Shermans Camp Location
Days Gone Shermans Camp Location 1

A horde hiding in a level 2 hotel shop is on the northern side of Shermans Camp. Some jugs can be found around this area, along with other resources like spark igniters, cans, gunpowder, saw blades, and scrap.


In conclusion, these growler locations will solve all your problems. I don’t even use the regular Molotov anymore. We trust that this was of assistance to you all.

After finding this method, it made days gone more fun. Zombie hordes became vulnerable and got me closer to unlocking more guns like the IDF Pup and MG 55.