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Days Gone Gameplay Part 1

Days Gone Guide and Walkthrough for the “You Got A Death Wish” mission starts with Deacon and Boozer finding Sarah stabbed multiple times and needs desperate help. In her condition, she cant travel so they go to a nearby helicopter. The problem is the Field Officer “J Obrian” claims the helicopter is at capacity! Deacon insists she needs immediate treatment and pleads for help.

Deacon pulls his pistol and aims it at the Obrian. Boozer burst through the side door like he has A Death Wish on the roof with hopes of getting a ride on the helicopter too. The Field Officer finally comes to his senses but claims there is only enough space for 2 people, not 3. With his wife badly hurt he decides to let Sarah get the lift and chooses to help his friend get out of the city together.

Leon Did This

Skipping 2 Years ahead boozer and Deacon are riding down the road and find a familiar bloody face. Her last words were the name of the man responsible. “LEON DID THIS !”. A motorcycle fly’s by and a chase ensues. Deacon and Boozer run to their bikes and hit the gas…