Days Gone is an action-packed survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. And what makes it even more exciting is the fact that all the baddies in the game are zombies! In order to survive, players have to strategize and make the right moves, all while staying alive.

One of the many aspects that make Days Gone so thrilling is the intricate and carefully crafted world that it is set in. The game is filled with a variety of unique locations, including IPCA tech locations.

In this blog, we will dive into what exactly IPCA tech locations are, why they are important to the game, and how players can navigate through them successfully.

So, if you want to up your Days Gone gameplay and become a true survival master, keep reading!

1. Introduction to Days Gone IPCA Tech

Days Gone IPCA Tech are secret collectibles featured in the video game developed by Bend Studio for PlayStation 4 and now PC. These collectibles are not mentioned anywhere in the game, but players can find them scattered across the world while exploring the Nero Research Sites and Nero Checkpoints.

These items are most likely pieces of Nero suits and are related to a secret ending that occurs after the story. Players can’t use these collectibles until they have finished the game. There are 18 IPCA Tech secret collectibles in the game, and players need to find all of them to craft the Unknown NERO Weapon. Days Gone players can check how many IPCA Tech they have collected in the Gear menu.

As the game doesn’t provide any hints about the IPCA Tech, players will need to be thorough when exploring the world.

2. Importance of Collecting Days Gone IPCA Tech

One of the key aspects of playing Days Gone is collecting IPCA Tech, which is scattered throughout the game and can be found on the bodies of NERO scientists.

At first, players may not realize why they are collecting these pieces of tech, but as they progress through the storyline, they will realize the importance of this task. Not only can players earn points and skills for locating all 18 pieces of IPCA Tech, but they can also unlock a secret stun gun weapon near the end of the game.

This secret weapon can only be unlocked after the credits roll, requiring players to be patient in their quest for all the tech items. Collecting IPCA Tech can also help players locate NERO injectors and other important items to survive in Days Gone.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that players take the time to collect IPCA Tech, as it will enhance their gameplay experience and lead to exciting rewards.

3. Where to Find Days Gone IPCA Tech

Days Gone IPCA Tech are a set of secret collectibles in the game that can be found while exploring the world. These tech pieces can’t be used until you complete the game, and they are used to unlock a secret weapon.

These collectibles are most often found on the bodies of Nero Scientists who wear white suits. To collect the IPCA Tech, players need to visit the Nero Research Sites and Nero Checkpoints scattered throughout the game.

There is a total of 18 IPCA Tech pieces that need to be found, and their locations aren’t marked on the map. Some locations can be challenging to access, and players need to jump with their bike to reach them.

A tip for players is to collect the tech pieces as early as possible to avoid backtracking. To keep track of the IPCA Tech collected so far, players can check the Gear menu. With this guide, players have a better chance of finding all the IPCA Tech pieces and unlocking the secret weapon.

4. Map of Days Gone IPCA Tech Locations

For players who are looking to collect all of the Days Gone IPCA Tech, a map of their locations is a key resource. These secret collectibles can be found at Nero Research Sites and checkpoints throughout the game, but are not mentioned or explained in any way until the end of the game.

The map includes all of the locations, which can be difficult to spot as they are only found on the bodies of white-suited Nero scientists. The map will also show you the location of all the checkpoints and research sites.

To collect all of the Days Gone IPCA Tech, players should equip their bike with nitrous for speed and make sure they have a good engine. Some locations require players to jump ramps to reach them, and the faster the bike, the easier it will be.

It is important to note that the stun gun cannot be crafted until all of the pieces have been collected and the secret ending has been achieved.

5. Tips for Collecting Days Gone IPCA Tech

Collecting Days Gone IPCA Tech can be a tricky task, but with a few tips, it can become easier. Firstly, always keep an eye out for NERO checkpoints and Research Sites as that’s where the IPCA Tech is found.

Secondly, make sure to equip nitrous and a fast engine on the bike as some locations require jumping ramps to reach the Tech.

Thirdly, search thoroughly as the white-suited scientist’s corpse can be partially buried or hidden. Fourthly, the Tech is found only on white-suited scientists, so ignore the yellow-suited ones. Lastly, use the map below to locate the Tech and ensure that no NERO Research Sites are missed as they disappear from the map after being used.

6. How Many Pieces of IPCA Tech are Needed for Secret Weapon?

To unlock the secret weapon in Days Gone, players need to collect 18 pieces of IPCA Tech. This can be a challenging task, as the tech can only be found on the bodies of white-suited Nero researchers at Checkpoints.

The IPCA Tech is not always easy to spot, as it can sometimes be partially buried or obscured. Players will need to search carefully at each location to find all 18 pieces. Once they have collected all the tech, they can unlock the secret weapon by completing the requirements for the game’s secret ending. Despite the difficulty, the effort is well worth it.

The secret weapon is a powerful stun gun that can take out freakers with ease. It is an homage to the Syphon Filter series of games, and a nod to fans of the franchise.

All 18 Locations of IPCA Tech in Days Gone

Days Gone Ipca Tech Location Map
Days Gone Ipca Tech Location Map

Here are the locations of all 18 pieces of tech that you need to craft the Unknown NERO Weapon.

1. Old Pioneer Cemetery NERO Checkpoint – inside a tent on a burned corpse
2. Southeast of Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint – near sandbags on a corpse
3. Little Bear Lake NERO Checkpoint – inside the Mobile Medical Unit on a corpse
4. NERO Research Site – near a crashed helicopter (requires a bike jump)
5. Marion Forks Tunnel NERO Checkpoint – near a blue porta potty on a corpse
6. NERO Research Site – near a tent (requires a bike jump)
7. Iron Butte Pass NERO Checkpoint – inside a white trailer
8. NERO Research Site – in a campsite above the crashed helicopter (requires a bike jump)
9. Southwest of Old Sawmill NERO Checkpoint – in a pool of water beyond a security fence
10. Near Santiam Tunnel NERO Checkpoint – through a hole in the security fence on a corpse
11. Rogue Tunnel NERO Checkpoint – inside a tent on the southwest side of the checkpoint on a corpse
12. NERO Research Site – near a crashed helicopter (requires a bike jump)
13. East of Spruce Lake NERO Checkpoint – behind rocks on a ledge on a corpse
14. NERO Research Site – next to a crashed helicopter (requires a bike jump)
15. West of Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway NERO Checkpoint – inside a large water drainage tunnel on a corpse
16. Southeast of the Chemult Community College NERO Checkpoint – in a warehouse on a corpse
17. NERO Research Site – on a corpse (requires a bike jump)
18. South of Pillette Bridge NERO Checkpoint – on a concrete ledge above a train tunnel on a corpse

There you have it, all the IPCA Tech locations in Days Gone. Happy hunting!

8. Crafting the IPCA Stun Gun

To craft the IPCA Stun Gun in Days Gone, players need to collect all 18 pieces of IPCA Tech. These can only be found on the bodies of white-suited Nero researchers near Checkpoints. Once all 18 have been collected, the player will need to meet with O’Brian in the northeast area of the Cascade region, where they will receive the Crafting Recipe necessary to make the IPCA Stun Gun.

The IPCA Stun Gun is a unique post-game weapon that can only be obtained after completing the main story campaign. It is a powerful weapon that can take down enemies quickly and quietly. Players who want to use this weapon in their gameplay should wait until after the main campaign is completed to begin searching for IPCA Tech, as some areas may be locked until then.

Crafting the IPCA Stun Gun is a challenging and rewarding endeavor that requires players to explore the game world thoroughly and display their skills as a survivor. It is a must-have weapon for players seeking to take down enemies without alerting nearby freakers and is sure to be a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal.

10. Spoiler Warning: Days Gone Secret Ending and Weapon Details

The secret ending and weapon in Days Gone are highly sought-after by players, but beware, as this section contains spoilers.

The process of building the covert weapon revolves around unlocking a secret ending, which will not be spoiled here. The weapon created from the IPCA tech is the IPCA Stun Gun, a reference to the Syphon Filter franchise.

This secret weapon is a reward for completing the game and finding all the IPCA tech pieces. Players must have nitrous equipped on their bike and ideally have a better engine to reach all locations easily.

So, be sure to keep an eye out for those white-suited Nero researchers and follow our guide as we have all the locations covered.