When it comes to zombies they really hate fire. So it is important that you have the Days Gone Napalm Molotov Recipe to eliminate hordes and Infestation Locations. The resources required to build it are a bit more than the infamous younger brother Molotov Cocktail.

Here are the best growler farming locations to stock up on supplies.

The difference between the two items is very noticeable. It has a bigger radius, packs a stronger punch, and stays on fire longer. If infected zombies run through the flames they will also feel the blaze.

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How to Unlock The Napalm Molotov

Napalm Molotov Fire Example

In the Storyline “Blow It Up Good“, you be handed a difficult task that requires some new firepower, Literally! When you get to the “You Alone I Have Seen” mission in Chemult, they will reward you with the Napalm Recipe. To clear the horde in Chemult you will also need more than just fire.

Eliminating hordes just got that much easier. The combination of using the Attractor and then launching a massive bottle of Napalm can kill many zombies at once.

The closer the zeds are packed together and the larger the radius from our new item will make us more efficient with our resources. Lobbing one on the right side and another on the left you can almost kill an entire horde with just a couple items.

Crafting Materials needed for The Napalm Bomb

Days Gone Napalm Molotov Crafting Recipe
Required Resources4
Polystyrene (Styrofoam)1

If you’re having trouble staying stocked up on materials there are a few tricks to help you along. Some resources in the world re-spawn. If you sleep for a couple of days the cooldown can reset and more of that material your looking for will be in the same spot as before.

Where to find Growler

Deacon Holding Napalm Molotov

For example, the Sawmill has a bunch of Growler and Polystyrene to craft the Napalm Molotov. It just so happens to be next to a massive horde. Days Gone places these materials close to where they need to be used.

Unlimited Crafting Materials Method

Here is a Days Gone Exploit for Farming Unlimited Crafting Materials and resetting the resource spawn points. This method can be done anywhere to farm every area in the game. Here is a list to help you get started:

  1. Sleep in a bed 5 times = 2 1/2 days
  2. Head to the Sawmill (or any other area)
  3. Gather all the materials you can carry
  4. Craft when you’re full
  5. Repeat step 1

We chose the Sawmill ( aka Farmill ) as our spot because it spawns the rarest items in the game in high quantities. Tons of Growler, Gunpowder, Rags, Bottles, Kerosene, Saw Blades, Cans, and many other materials.

If explosives are your cup of tea try using the Remote Bomb instead. It is capable of triggering all explosives in rage for massive damage.