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Days Gone Logging Camp Infestation Nest locations are sometimes hard to find even after searching the entire red area. Zeds in the infested areas can keep spawning until you wreak the nest that they are hiding in. Here are all 7 Nest Locations in the Logging Camp territory. These Infestation dens are easy to spot by the branches trash and other materials looking like a nest.

Logging Camp Nest Locations
Days Gone Logging Camp Nest Locations 1

Clearing out those nests

You know, the first few months we were out here we never saw a single Nest. I don’t even remember when they started showing up, and old buildings, tunnels, Shacks. No idea why the freaks make them, or what they doing them. Sleep, maybe. All I know is they build these out of sticks, Rags, trash. And that s*** burns up good. Real good. Boozer can sleep a little easier tonight.