Drifter Crossbow Upgraded
Upgraded Version

In the world of Days Gone we are faced with freakers and homicidal maniacs. Attention is not something we are after. For those moments when you need to be unheard is where the Drifter Crossbow comes in. At the very beginning of the storyline Deacon rides to a new camp with Boozer. In the special tab inside your locker will be the standard version of the bow. For the strongest special weapon in the game unlock the MG 55.

Drifter Crossbow Stats
Days Gone Drifter Crossbow Stats 1

Stats Increase Over The Standard Version

Although lacking in power it gives one clear advantage with silence. This flaw can be redeemed by purchasing the Knocked Up Skill in the ranged tab, significantly increasing bolt damage. Also, consider purchasing the Thorn In Your Side skill in the Survival tab for a chance to retrieve some bolts that have been shot. Of course, you can use a filter from a car to make the primary and sidearm weapon silent but those are rare in the beginning or cost money for each use.

Drifter Crossbow Rewarded From Storyline

Gear Up For The Ride Storyline
Days Gone Gear Up For The Ride Storyline 1

Completing “Gear Up For The Ride” storyline will unlock the Drifter Crossbow. Deacon and Boozer will ride north after his bike has been fixed. With this weapon being Military Spec Condition it receives a substantial stat increase from the standard version. More than capable of killing enemies in one shot to the body. The path to unlocking this

Deacon can only equip one kind of each weapon at a time. Therefore if you come across a better one from a fallen enemy or decide to buy a replacement later you will have to swap them out. Don’t worry, if you accidentally dropped your new weapon on the ground far from camp. All guns you unlock or purchase are permanently stored in the Locker.

Various Bolt Types To Choose From

As an added bonus the crossbow can also shoot different kinds of bolts. Most of these are self-explanatory besides the Residue variant. It will allow Deacon to force the victim to hallucinate and attack people at random. Good for causing distractions or just good fun to watch allies annihilate each other while we watch from a bush.

In conclusion, the Drifter Crossbow is for stealthy gameplay. With the ability to equip different types of ammo to serve multiple roles is invaluable. For example, instead of using a Molotov to burn infected areas, one Incendiary Arrow can achieve the same effect with fewer resources.