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Days Gone Crazy Willies Infestation Nest locations are sometimes hard to find while searching the area. Zombies in the infested area will keep spawning until the nest that they hide in is destroyed. Here are all 4 Nest Locations in Crazy Willies territory. These Infestation dens are pretty easy to see by the dark branches, scattered trash and other materials looking like a bird’s nest.

Infestation Exterminator

Crazy Willies Infestation Loactions
Crazy Willies Infestation Loactions 1

Until these nests are cleared all fast travel options in this area will be disabled. All buildings are marked by a red diamond at 0:16 in the video. If you are low on materials try scanning the zombie homes for kerosene and rags. The materials to craft a Molotov can often be found in the places they are most needed to be used. Thank the developers of Days Gone for that one!

Crazy Willy’s Infestation

It was an Open Secret, back in the day, the old crazy Willy was running a brothel out here, letting the girls work the back room for a cut of the action. The MC would come out here on road trips, end up spending the night. Funny how that works. Me and boozer and never partook. I just met Sarah, and Boozer never cheated on Joni, not once.

How To Find More Infected Locations

As you know more areas in the game need to be cleared the further you progress. Check out some more guides we made for the Logging Camp and Pioneer Cemetery