Here are the best Farming Locations for Cans in Days Gone. Our guide has seven cans in a single location. Players can gather everything here at the beginning of the game. So everyone can use this as they progress and come back to restock as needed.


Cans are a common resource, and Deacon utilizes the casing for craftable explosives. It has been previously used but is still helpful for scavengers. Small and hard to spot without Survival Vision.


These are the recipes that require Cans to craft:

Best Can Locations

The best location for gathering Cans is at the Marion Forks gas station and the surrounding buildings. This is an infestation site. Proceed with caution unless you have already cleared this area. If that is the case we have an Infestation Exterminator guide that can show you all the nest locations.

Location 1

The first Can location is on the first floor of an abandoned house on a brown chair.

If you are approaching the house from the front, the item will be on your left.

Location 2

Grab the second Tin Can from the bed on the second floor above the convenience store.

You must use the stairs inside the building to reach the correct floor. If you use the wooden steps outside you will arrive at the wrong place. There is also some Gunpowder here if you are interested.

Location 3

The third location is on the floor behind the counter at the Mastersons Bait & Tackle shop.

On the map, it is the building with the red roof next to the actual Gas Station.

Location 4

Retrieve the fourth Can down the street in the Bookstore on the counter.

We now travel to the Marion Forks book store. This place has a nest so be careful.

Location 5

Collect the fifth Can from the picnic bench behind the burnt-down church.

Further, into Marion Forks, there will be a small park with materials on a couple of benches. Gather as many items as you can here, especially the Alarm Clock.

Location 6

Get the sixth Tin Can that’s hidden behind a fence, near the small Greenhouse.

There is a very small house in the southern part of this area. No need to go inside. Head to the back and trace the fence and you’ll find it.

Location 7

Locate the seventh Can in the destroyed house.

This destroyed house has the last Tin Can in the area. Head through the front door and you should see the item on a small wooden table.