Polystyrene in Days Gone is a rare crafting material for many items that are vital for survival. You will find yourself low on this resource often. Our aim in this guide is to help you stock up on this styrofoam from multiple farming locations. We will also touch on Weavers’ mission in case you’re here for help on that as well. Let’s get started!

If for any reason when you visit these locations and the item is not there we can fix that. Here is a method to force an item to spawn again allowing you to Farm Unlimited Crafting Materials. A great method for stocking up to craft much-needed items and to replenish our supplies after doing so.

Polystyrene Resource

In the real world, Polystyrene comes in many forms and shapes. This is commonly used in plastic containers and styrofoam. Extremely flammable releases thick black smoke and will stick to whatever it touches. This is the main ingredient to craft Napalm Molotovs. Makes sense right?

By the time we get far in the “Blow It Up Good” storyline, we will need a bunch of resources we haven’t used much yet. That is when the Napalm Molotov is first craftable about halfway through the game.

That’s a good amount of time to come across Poly without actually looking for it. Napalm is so strong that it will be the “go-to” for most situations. Here is a list of Growler Farming locations to help with that.

That’s enough about the resource itself. Let’s move on to where we can find it in large quantities.

Where to find Polystyrene

Here are a couple of locations you can visit where you will find lots of Polystyrene and many other resources. The areas that you have already cleared should take priority. Unless you want to get your hands dirty.

Farming Location 1 – Sawmill

Days Gone Sawmill

The sawmill is considered the best location for Polystyrene and nearly every resource in Days Gone. With the only catch being the MASSIVE horde hiding here. If you managed to clear the horde already or you are willing to sneak around a bit then this location is unbeaten. Sawmill can be found in the Lost Lake region.

You can expect to see more than 9+ Poly and 8+ Growlers here.

Farming Location 2 – Volcanic Byway

Days Gone Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway

Here is another Nero Checkpoint with many resources and is our number two spot for styrofoam. This is also a location for another Horde so be careful. It is a lot safer than the Sawmill because luckily for you they are in a cave South West a couple of hundred feet away. Go during the daytime so they are not around. Volcanic Byway is in the Crater lake region.

You can expect to gather 5+ Poly and 4+ Growlers here.

Farming Location 3 – All Other Nero Checkpoints

The two other locations already mentioned are by far the best. Another method to farm materials is to fast travel to any Nero checkpoints you have unlocked and gather whatever you can. Then sleep 5 times in a row to spawn them all back again. This will work for any item in the game.

You basically want to visit the locations above and grab what you can to fill your inventory then move on to the next one. Do this until you have crafted the max amount of craftable items and then refill your resources again before going back to the game.

This way you can keep playing the game and not mindlessly wander around the game as we did for half the game guessing where things are… Unless you want to of course.

Find Weavers Polystyrene

This method will fix the poly 6/7 glitch where some people are missing one cup location. For the Mission “I Tried To Hit That Once” Deacon has to obtain Weavers Polystyrene in 7 hidden locations scattered around the north.

YouTube video

The video above has all 7 Locations of the Styrofoam cups you need to collect. Before searching make sure to kill those pesky crows nearby. Use your Survival Vision to find them and shoot their nest with an Incendiary Bolt to make it easier on yourself.


Some people have come across a glitch where the resource has either never spawned or the game didn’t recognize the player picking it up in the first place. To fix the polystyrene glitch try fast traveling away and sleep a couple of times.

I hope this guide helped you with everything you need to know about Polystyrene in Days Gone.

If you need more information about any other resources or crafting recipes please visit our Wiki Guide.