To unlock the Attractor Bomb Crafting Recipe in Days Gone you have to clear Ambush Camps. A Noise making bomb that attracts nearby Freakers before detonating. Meaning we are combining two strong items into one. Producing the best device in the game but also requiring more resources. Combine a Can with a Spark Igniter, Gun Powder, Alarm Clock, Car Alarm, and Scrap.

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Days Gone Attractor Bomb 1
Days Gone Attractor Bomb 1

Its no secret zombies are attracted by sound. Using a tape recorder attached to a pipe bomb is very effective at gathering many freakers to a single spot and exploding. If we really experience the zombie apocalypses a contraption like this would be very valuable. On the other hand, it is incredibly loud bringing more zombies to our area is probably a bad idea. Try also using this device with a Proximity Bomb for more carnage.

Clear Ambush Camps

Ambush Camps in Days Gone are areas claimed by random groups who prey on the weak. Setting explosive traps for people passing by to take all their valuables. Attaching a rope to trees to close line bikers and sniper hideouts to catch us by surprise.

Clearing out these locations will stop these incidents from happening. Approach encampments with caution. Traps are frequent and if you trip one it will alert the entire group or even worse explode in our face. Killing these savages will give Deacon access to their hidden bunker. Inside will be a map with locations of Infestation Nests we will need to clear later to fast travel and trophies.

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How to get Unlimited Crafting Materials for any item.

Unlock the Attractor Bomb Crafting Recipe

Completing 10 Ambush Camps will reward Deacon with the Attractor Bomb. There is no particular location that needs to be cleared. It doesn’t work that way. Some other sites have false information so be careful.

More useful than the regular Attractor we get at the beginning of the game. Works best when unseen. If they are aware of our location some zombies will still follow us instead of getting distracted. Gathering freaking in a group and blast them in the air is incredibly satisfying. Allowing Deacon to exterminate hordes incredibly fast even without a good weapon.

Crafting Requirements

Most resources are easy to collect but others are very rare. Looting cars will give you half of what’s needed to craft, the others are spawned randomly.

Gun Powder1
Clock OR Car Alarm1
Spark Igniter1
Ambush Camp Unlockables
Ambush Camp Unlockables 1


In conclusion, we have the two best devices combined together creating an unstoppable duo in Days Gone. If you clear the storyline early before hunting any hordes, it will help you in the long run. Two of these bad boys and the whole horde is exterminated.