Drifter Crossbow Stats
An Improved Version Of A Standard Crossbow.

When dealing with the freakers, fire is your best friend. The Days Gone Incendiary Bolt Crafting Recipe for the Drifter Crossbow is unlocked by completing the Ambush Camp Hunter storyline. Therefore, upon completion, you will also unlock the Explosive Bolt.

Crossbow Incendiary Bolts
A Crossbow Bolt The Burns Its Target

Incendiary Bolt Crafting Recipe

These flaming arrows are extremely efficient at putting things on fire compared to the Napalm Molotov. It only requires 1 Kerosene and 1 Rag for 3 fire bolts. These darts can not do Area Of Effect damage but instead single target damage. So for clearing out Crier and Infestation Nests there is nothing better, but for hordes and groups of enemy’s it feels underpowered.

Materials NeededQuantity
Cedar Sapling1
Ambush Camp Unlockables
Completing Ambush Camps Rewards Bolt Upgrades

Unlock Special Bolts By Completing Ambush Camps

As if a massive group of zombies wasn’t enough to deal with we also have people ambushing random people on the road. These camps are varied in size and rewards. After eliminating all the enemy’s in the group you must find the secret hatch that leads to an underground bunker. Inside this bunker is a map marked with the location of Infested Zones, Clears Fog, and unlocks more Crafting Recipes like the Incendiary Bolt for Deacon.

How To Get Unlimited Crafting Materials

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Sawmill Farming

When deacon sleeps 5 times (2 /12 days) in a row the whole map will reset along with all the resources, animals and zombies spawns. This is extremely useful if you know of areas that have certain materials that you need.