Are you playing Days Gone and looking for the best weapons to make your game even more enjoyable? We’ll highlight some of the best weapons in Days Gone and why they are so powerful.

This is our Top 5 Weapons Guide. Weapons can be swapped out at Decons Locker.

Best Weapons in Days Gone

Days Gone Best Weapons
Days Gone Best Weapons

In Days Gone, players can choose from various weapons to use in their fight against the Freakers. All Primary weapons in the game are considered rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns.

The Chicago Chopper is an all-around great gun, capable of taking down Freakers with ease. The Liberator is a powerful shotgun that can one-shot kill Freakers.

The MG 55 is a heavy machine gun that can be found at the Wizard Island Merchant for 2,500 credits.

The 50 BFG is best for one-shot kills against Freakers and the IDF Pup is an assault rifle that might be the best assault rifle on offer. With all these options available to players, Days Gone offers plenty of choices.

Chicago Chopper

Days Gone Chicago Chopper
Days Gone Chicago Chopper 1

The Chicago Chopper is one of the best weapons in Days Gone. It’s a powerful submachine gun that holds 55 rounds in the clip and has a high rate of fire for the greatest damage at close range.

This weapon can take down large swaths of undead ghouls with ease. Thanks to its level-4 military-grade construction and huge ammo capacity. Use it to mow down hordes of Freakers with ease.

With its fast fire rate and large ammo capacity, the Chicago Chopper is an essential weapon for any Days Gone player.


The Liberator is a powerful shotgun that can be unlocked as the first Tier 5 firearm in Days Gone. It isn’t automatic like the Auto Shotgun, but it can dole out massive amounts of damage quickly and effectively.

For those looking to wade through hordes of zombies,  is a must-have weapon. It pairs well with the Chicago Chopper in the primary slot and MG45 in the special slot for mid to late game play. The Crowdbreaker and Liberator are also good primary weapons.

With the former requiring Trust level 2 and the latter requiring Trust level 3. Some players may opt for the Crowdbreaker until they get their hands on the Chicago Chopper. Or stick with this until they find a better alternative.

MG 55

Mg 55 Stats
Days Gone Mg 55 1

The MG55 is a Large Machine Gun (LMG). With an extended magazine that unlocks too late in the game, it boasts an extremely high reserve ammo capacity with the Extended Mag.

This weapon is a total beast, capable of eliminating hordes with ease. Anyone in front of you while firing will not stand a chance. The only way to obtain this LMG is to complete 60% of the hordes in Days Gone, after which it will be rewarded.

The MG 55 proves to be an invaluable weapon and its high ammo capacity makes it one of the best weapons to choose when facing off against a swarm of hordes. No Need to reload in regular battles. As a Special Weapon, you can have this in reserve for when the danger heats up or run low on primary ammo.

50 BFG

50 BFG is one of the most powerful weapons in Days Gone with its High Damage and Massive stopping power. This semi-automatic is the best sniper rifle used on tough enemies such as Reachers and Badlands Big Game.

With its one-shot, one-kill capability. High penetration, combined with a suppressor, this weapon is very useful for clearing out hordes of Freakers. It can be picked up from Wizard Island and it is a great addition to any survivor’s armory.

The 50 BFG is a great complement to the other weapons available in Days Gone. Such as the Stinger and RSF60 primary weapons, the 9mm and Sheriff sidearms, and the M40 light machine gun.


Idf Pup Rifle Stats
Days Gone Idf Pup Rifle 1

The IDF Pup is a bullpup assault rifle that has solid accuracy, recoil and ammo capacity. It is best used for one-shot kills against Freakers and can be purchased from the Wizard Island Merchant for 2,500 credits.

It requires 50% completion of Horde Killer to unlock. This weapon is a great choice for those looking to take down hordes of Freakers with ease since it has high firepower and accuracy.

Round Up

Days Gone has several powerful weapons available for players to use in their fight against the Freakers. The Chicago Chopper is an excellent choice for its extended magazine and piercing skills.

While the Liberator is an excellent option for long-range encounters. The MG 55 is a great all-around weapon that can be used in both close and long-range combat.

The 50 BFG is a powerful heavy weapon to take out Freakers at a distance.

The IDF Pup is a reliable close-quarters option with its high fire rate. No matter what situation you find yourself in, there’s sure to be an appropriate weapon for the job.

If your more interested in Melee Weapons we got you covered. Not every occasion calls for bullets.