A breakout of infested took over the landscape and Deacon takes it upon himself to clear as many nests and hordes as he can manage. Days Gone Remote Bomb Crafting Recipe does big damage and is very useful from a distance. Capable of setting nearby explosives by hitting Right on the D-pad button to trigger an explosion.

To craft this bomb we must complete the Storyline in Lost Lake called “Someone That I Used To Know” with Rikki. The last mission in the Questline is “We Couldn’t Take the Risk” and will reward you with the crafting recipe. Here is a description of the mission.

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**STORY SPOILERS** | Rikki said she was glad that I found Sarah. She sounded like she meant it. And Boozer? The old man made Boozer head of security. How about that? I told Rikki about the corn. Hope they can get to it. Feed folks at the camp. It was good to hear her voice again. – Deacon St. John

How to Craft Remote Bomb

Remote Bomb Crafting Recipe
Crafting Recipe – Combine An Airbag With A Spark Igniter, Box Of Nails, And Scrap.
Materials NeededQuantity
Box Of Nails1
Spark Igniter1

Making this item requires some materials before we can build it. All the requirements for this recipe are fairly common in Days GoneAirbags and Scrap can be found in any car that can be opened. Nails are a very common item found everywhere on the map. A Spark Igniter spawns mostly indoors from my experience.

How to use Remote Bomb

With some planning ahead, it is possible to create elaborate traps and get massive damage when we chain some items together. For instance, imagine if we put our remote bomb down close to a Land Mine and throw some attractors near it! Just close enough to trigger the other bomb and cover a larger area.

That is a potent combo. A horde stands no chance against this setup. Even more, carnage can be spread using the MG 55 machine gun.

Making a line of these traps can kill the largest hordes in the game with one button. Pressing right on your D-Pad button will trigger all the explosions at once. Sit back and watch the zombies go flying.

Just be careful not to get caught in the explosions because you will instantly die. Consider also using the Napalm Molotov Crafting Recipe for a potent blaze, capable of putting large areas on fire to control the enemy.

How To Make Resources Respawn

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In case you don’t already know, there is a way to force items in the world to respawn. If you sleep 5 times (2 1/2 days) every single resource on your map will be there again. This is useful to stack up on what you need for what lies ahead.