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Days Gone Walthrough Gameplay Part 2

Days Gone Walkthrough Full Gameplay Part 2 – No Starving Patriots, This gameplay video has multiple mission inside. It starts with us meeting Copeland after completing Drifters On The Mountain, for the first time inside his camp. He assigned us to some miscellaneous tasks to help him to prove our loyalty.

Reaching The Nero Checkpoint

After a brief chat with Copeland he asked us to restore power to a tower and clear out anyone there. Instead we Ride to the NERO checkpoint and gather some sterile Bandages for Boozer to help him heal his arm from the burns. In this Bugged The Hell Out mission we need to restore power to the facility before we can enter so we clear out some zeds and gas up the generator to provide power. We find sterile bandages and complete the mission after going back to our camp and giving them to Boozer.

No Starving Patriots Mission

We gas up the bike and proceed to our main mission No Starving Patriot to clear the ambush camp. After clearing out the enemies we flip the switch on the Tower and immediately get pulled into a cutscene with a random woman named Mary pointing a gun at us out of desperation for supplies. We let her go after realizing it was a bluff. We proceed on with the mission a find an underground bunker with a map with marking of some locations to help us on our journey.