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World War Z Bull - Special Zombie

Here we have the crazed World War Z Bull that is a special zombie type designed as a tank, that can withstand heavy damage. Video games present difficulty in various forms. Using elaborate puzzles, aggressive enemy AI and mini-bosses with unique mechanics to challenge us. Learn how to defeat the new Bomber Special Zombie. As […]

World War Z Flare Gun | Unique Secondary Weapon

A new Horde Update brings some welcoming changes to the state of the game. The Flare Gun in World War Z can now be found anywhere on the map. Allowing us to keep this weapon on us as we navigate the zombie apocalypse. Before, we could only call in Air Strikes on New York Episode […]

World War Z - Sporting Carbine | PAC-15 Guide

There are many weapons to choose from while surviving the zombie apocalypse. A smart gun to use is a Sporting Carbine in World War Z. Also known as the PAC-15. Semi-Auto firing mode that shoots one bullet with each individual trigger pull. Gunfire silenced with a suppressor attached reducing the amount of noise when firing. […]

World War Z - How To Start With Tier 3 Weapons

Here is our guide for World War Z on How to start with Tier 3 Weapons from the very beginning of your playthrough. Multiple Tiers have unique weapons for each class that the player can equip to use against the undead. When starting WWZ for the first time you will need to unlock attachments for […]

World War Z Bomber - New Special Zombie in WWZ

The New World War Z Bomber Special Zombie has arrived with the Horde Update. As the world continues to descend into chaos, new terrifying zombies have been found. Spreading terror in the survivors of the breakout. Many have fallen to this elite enemy but not without a noble cause. It was learned that these new […]

World War Z - Masking Grenade or Supply Bag

The Fixer class in World War Z must choose the Masking Grenade or Supply Bag while surviving the apocalypse. A horde of zombies presents many challenges. If you know what we're up against it becomes easier to decide what we need to achieve our goals. Ammo becomes a problem when relentless swarms overrun a position. […]

World War Z Masking Grenade - Equipment Guide

Stay hidden from the zombie apocalypse by using the World War Z Masking Grenade. With a limited amount of resources, we can choose when to use these very carefully. Only available to the Fixer Class. As a support item, this equipment can be useful to the entire team. This is not your ordinary smoke grenade. […]

World War Z - Stim Pistol Explained - Medic Equipment

Here is everything you need to know about the World War Z Stim Pistol for the Medic Class. We explain how to keep your team alive with masking and temporary health. As a Medic, it is our job to heal and revive our teammates. Playing this role correctly will increase our chances of surviving the […]

World War Z Prestige Weapon Guide - New Guns

In the Kill It With Fire update, they released new World War Z Prestige Weapons to unlock. Each gun has a unique skin and modified stats to complement the class they can be used for. All these guns are completely free. Don't worry. You can keep all your tokens for prestige classes. See our WWZ Prestige Ranks guide for more information […]

World War Z Flamethrower Weapon - New Gun

Burning zombies with the World War Z Flamethrower weapon is a lot of fun. Introduced with the Kill It With Fire Update. It has limited fuel but will burn everything it touches. The Flamethrower is considered a heavy weapon. We need to pick this gun up in different locations on the map so keep an […]

World War Z Prestige Ranks | All Class Perks

New World War Z Prestige Ranks have been added to the game in this free Season 2 Update for all players. Level 30 classes can be ranked up again for added bonuses to your class. These are permanently equipped and do not take up an active perk slot. UPDATE: World War Z Aftermath information has […]