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Days Gone Marion Forks Infestation Nest Locations

Days Gone Marion Forks Infestation Nest locations are usually easy to find but sometimes can be difficult. Zombies will keep spawning in large numbers in these red zones until you burn their infested nest. Here are all 5 Nest Locations in the Marion Forks territory. Fast travel will be locked for this location until these are burned down. Dens are built with trash, branches and other odd materials.

All 5 Nest Locations

Marion Forks Nest Locations
Locations marked by red diamonds

At this point in the story Deacon can only hold 3 Molotov's unless you got the capacity upgrade from the skill tree. These infection areas are also spawning points for Rags, Kerosene, and Bottles. So make sure to craft everything you can so we can stay full on resources.

Marion Forks Infestation Guide

If for any reason you used them to clear out a roaming horde, you can also use the red gas cans as a last resort. It can only be used once, but it's better than leaving and having to come back later in the game. A gas station is right in the middle of this small town so no worries about filling your bike with fuel before being used.

As you should know by now, the crossbow and silencers make our life much easier. Instead of being swarmed by the infected all at once, we can pick them off one by one. Depending on what time of day in Days Gone, zombies will either be stronger in the day or in larger numbers at night.

When we first started dating, me and Sarah used to ride through Marion Forks all the time, stop at hungry Jim's for french toast and Flapjacks. I remember her saying, if I ever get married, it's going to be in that little church, right over there. That woman always know exactly what she wanted, and she always got it.

Deacon St. John

If you are interested in liberating other areas, try using out Infestation Exterminator Guide to find the rest. The Unlimited Materials Exploit may also be of use.