If you are ever low on resources you can use this Days Gone Exploit to get unlimited crafting materials. Sometimes after an intense fight with a horde, we can use up all our resources. Some items take up to 5 materials to craft. This helped me in my playthrough and want to share it.

Days Gone Sawmill

Deacon and Boozer eventually get a bed to sleep on when they claim a camp for themselves at the beginning of the game. Sleeping accelerates the in-game clock forward in cycles. One sleep cycle turns day into night and vise Versa. Very useful in certain instances. Like Horde Killing for example. In the daytime, hordes will be sleeping in caves or mines instead of roaming around the map. Let us get to why you’re really here!

How To Do The Exploit

Every resource on the map goes on cooldown after it is picked up. Each rag, bottle, and piece of scrap re-spawns after a while. We can speed up this delay by sleeping. To do this exploit deacon must sleep 5 times in a row forcing everything to respawn. With 2 and 1/2 days gone by it will go from night to day or the other way around. Just take a nap to change the cycle to your preference.

YouTube video

One of the best places to visit after using this would be Sawmill. The video above shows our farming route. We collect growlers, gunpowder, rags, kerosene, countless scrap, and many more valuable crafting resources.

Farmable Resources

Here is a list of resources you can farm using this method:

Some Tips and Tricks

A very efficient way of using our Days Gone Exploit would be to fast travel to all the Nero checkpoints currently unlock in your game. It provides a decent amount of resources and a gas canister to fast travel to the next checkpoint. Once you are full, continue on as usual.

As you get more familiar with the layout of the map you will find areas with large amounts of crafting materials. The sawmill has growlers because it’s where you unlock the Napalm Molotov crafting recipe. The location of one of the biggest hordes in the game.