This is the complete storyline in Days Gone Infestation Exterminator. All infected Nest Locations are provided by pictures along with a video guide for each area in Days Gone. The goal here is to burn all the places the zombies use to hide.

With an added bonus, you will also be free to fast travel to any of the cleaned areas on your map. There are 3 effective ways to destroy these dens. Find a Red Gas Canister laying around and shoot it to cause a fire. The most obvious way, Craft a Molotov and introduce it to our new friends. Finally, the most effective strategy, use the Incendiary Bolts.

Playlist Of All Infested Nest Locations for Days Gone

The Crossbow is silent and takes fewer resources to build compared to a Molotov. Time of day affects the zombies. Attack in the day time to fight stronger but fewer numbers or sneak at night and fight more but weaker zeds. Destroying these nests unlocks the Infestation Exterminator trophy.

Completing Ambush Camps Reveal Infected Zones

As you play Days Gone you will encounter Ambush Camps. After killing everyone in the hideout there will be a bunker with markings on a map. Examining it will reveal important markers on your maps such as Infected Zones and Nero Sites.

Pioneer Cemetery Infestation

Pioneer Cemetery Nest Locations
Pioneer Cemetery Nest Locations 1

In the Cascade Region, there will be 3 nests needing to be burned. All of them are inside a structure. Once you get close Deacon will complain about the smell and insist on removing them.

I came out here, to the Pioneer Cemetery, just once, back in the day. Harland Nelson, one of the MC old-timers, died of lung cancer a few months after I patched in. Mongrels from all over the Pacific Northwest Road on for the funeral. Biker funerals are something else. A hundred bikes, a thousand cans of beer, most of it being poured into his open crave. In that world? No bigger sign of respect.

Logging Camp Infestation

Logging Camp Nest Locations
Days Gone Logging Camp Nest Locations 1

The Logging Camp got hit hard by the infected. With a total of 6 infested nests. Four are in the warehouse towards the top of the lumber yard. One is in the center inside a small hut and the last one is in some poor guy’s home.

You know, the first few months we were out here we never saw a single Nest. I don’t even remember when they started showing up, and old buildings, tunnels, Shacks. No idea why the freaks make them, or what they doing them. Sleep, maybe. All I know is they build these out of sticks, Rags, trash. And that s*** burns up good. Real good. Boozer can sleep a little easier tonight.

Marion Forks Infestation

Marion Forks Nest Locations
Marion Forks Nest Locations 1

Marion Forks has a dark history. Other than the town being ripped apart by the living it was also infested by the dead. Freakers run this part of town until you take all 5 nests out. Opening up a fast travel spot here makes life easier.

When we first started dating, Ime and Sarah used to ride through Marion Forks all the time, stop at hungry Jim’s for french toast and Flapjacks. I remember her saying, if I ever get married, it’s going to be in that little church, right over there. That woman always know exactly what she wanted, and she always got it.

Crazy Willy’s Infestation

Crazy Willies Infestation Loactions
Crazy Willies Infestation Loactions 1

In the middle of the map lies a gas station in the Belnap area. Four nests need to be burned here to progress in the Infestation Exterminator storyline.

It was an Open Secret, back in the day, the old Crazy Willy was running a brothel out here, letting the girls work the back room for a cut of the action. The MC would come out here on road trips, end up spending the night. Funny how that works. Me and boozer and never partook. I just met Sarah, and Boozer never cheated on Joni, not once.

Sherman’s Camp Infestation

This spot only has 3 dens to clear out. Two on the west side and one on the East. Make sure you gather some rags, bottles, and kerosene on the way by. Stay topped up on materials and keep crafting to capacity.

I heard rumors about what happened in Sherman’s Camp, everyone had. Out in the camps? That’s all you hear, day and night, stories and rumors. Folks get bored. No TV, no internet, what are they going to do but tell stories all day? But the rumor was unique. An entire town wiped out overnight. How could something like that happen?

Patjens Lakes Infestation

These 3 nests are also in the Belnap region. First one is in the north in a cabin. The second den is in a double bathroom structure. The third infestation is on the main road inside of a hitch for a car.

It’s been a long time now, but I still remember when Sarah and I first started dating. She’d drag me all over collecting her plant samples. I’d come along because it’s beautiful out here, riding through the farewell Wilderness. PatJen’s Lakes is where she showed me how to collect lavender. And she showed me she knew how to wear a tight pair of jeans. Guess which one I remember the most?

Rouge Camp Infestation

This time around we got 6 Freaker nests locations to cover at Lost Lake. We have 3 North-East by the gas pump. The other three are in the town below it inside the houses. Kill it with FIRE!

Its been a long time now, but I still remember when Sarah and I first started dating. She’d drag me all over collecting her plant samples. I’d come along because it is beautiful out here, riding through the Farewell Wilderness. Fattens Lakes is where she showed me how to collect lavender. And she showed me she knew how to wear a tight pair of jeans. Guess which one I remember the most?

Berley Lake Infestation

Another infested area at Lost lake. This time at a Nero Checkpoint. One is far South, right next to the checkpoint. This area also has a gas can so you can save a Molotov. Further up the road, you will find another storage attachment for a truck filled with Freakers. Next, that is a shallow cave with a den inside it. A ways up the dirt path north is a bathroom facility leaking zombies. Don’t forget to gather resources on the way.

We rode through here over a year ago, the first time we were down this way, me and Boozer. We’d checked all the refugee camps north of here, from Three Fingered Jack, Tumalo, the Farewell Valley, up towards Smith Rock. And we searched all of them from Iron Butte to Lost Lake. Here’s where we stopped. With the Santiam Tunnel choked off, there was just no way to head any further south.

Tumblebug River Infestation

Tumblebug River is in the Crater Lake area after you leave Lost Lake. Head North East when you leave the camp and you will reach a broken bridge by a Nero Checkpoint. Here are 3 infested areas that have Deacon choking on his breath.

We rode through here, me and Sarah, on our honeymoon. We had come straight from Marion Forks, down the Santiam Highway, and then decided to take some of the back roads before we got to Crater Lake, where we stayed at the lodge for a few nights. I’d like to say that we got out, rode around, looked at the sights, but we never left our room.

Rimview Ranch Infestation

Rimview Ranch is not far from our last area. Following a dirt path a little more north will reveal Three more nests locations in Crater Lake. Be a true Exterminator and use napalm on these zeds instead. Fire is a purifier.

Boozer and Joany were staying at a small bed and breakfast out here when they wrecked their bike and Joany was killed. They’d been together forever, high school sweethearts. Boozer never recovered from that, not really, not completely. Iron Mike was wrong, we aren’t defined by what we do. We’re defined by our scars that never heal.

Cascade Lakes Rail Lines

If we keep riding east in Crater lake, not far from the last infestation area we will arrive at Cascade Lakes. Rail Lines has a bridge with 5 Freaker nests built on it. Burn them down to show boozer we are still down for the cause.

When I was a kid I used to spend my Saturdays hopping freight trains and riding from Farewell, through Tumalo, down the Santiam, sometimes as far as Chemult, and back again. You saw things, riding the rails, that you couldn’t see any other way. And it gave you time to think. In a lot of ways, siding the Cascade rail lines was like tiding my bike. Both shaped who I am.

Chemult College Infestation

There are a total of Six nests locations in Chemult College. 3 are on the bridges to the east and the other three are on the campus parking lot. Congratulations, you just completed the Infestation Exterminator Story Line!

When shit was going down, NERO set up refugee camps like this all over the Pacific Northwest, here in Chemult, the ones at Three Fingered Jack, Tumalo, Lost Lake, up by Smith Rock. The ones like this one, set up along the highways, got hit first and hardest, but in the end, they were all deathtraps, overrun, every one of them.