The Stinkbug is a unique enemy type in Grounded that releases foul-smelling gas from its body as a defense mechanism from predators. The location we have will give us a chance for them to be fighting Lady Bugs.

Gas Bugs got attacks only they can do. This particular insect can be countered by using a Gas Mask. You must defeat one without it to craft one though.

Stink Bug

Stink Bug
Stink Bug

Stink Bugs have big red eyes, a long multicolored brown shell, and six legs. This insect is aggressive to everything and won’t hesitate to release gas at a moment’s notice. It will first use its antennas to search for its target. Then close the distance.

After getting closer it will either lunge at us or start shaking. If it shakes run or make sure to have a gas mask on. It about to release its AOE attack. It has trouble attacking if you’re in high places. Will also run away if it can’t attack you and regain its health.

Fighting Tips

The best way to fight this creature is to Get in close with your favorite melee weapon and a gas mask. Strafing in one direction while swinging works and sure you perry when it lunges. Can move fast but easy to telegraph its movements and is quite predictable.

Using the Sprig Bow or Insect Bow is great while spamming all the Venom Arrows you can. Don’t bother shooting Gas Arrows, they won’t do damage to this insect.


After killing bugs in the wild they can be harvested for materials. Those materials should be analyzed at a Field Station to get more advanced crafting recipes. The better tools you have, the more things to discover.

Here are the resource that drop after defeating one:

  • Stinkbug Part
  • Gas Sack

Stink Bug Location

Stinkbug Location
Stinkbug Location

The best location for the Stink Bug is at the South-East portion of the Grounded map next to the big rake. Find the baseball and go south. Once you get to a massive rock walk around a bit.

If you see green clouds they are already fighting something. Either watch them fight like gladiators or third party the battle.

Bombardier Beetles are also in this location if you require materials from them.