Here is the complete guide to Crafting the Mint Mallet in Grounded. This is a hammer that deals massive damage and can also stun quite often. We will list some steps for you to follow that can be done in any order after Step 1.

This guide should take about 10 – 45 minutes to complete depending on how far along you are in the game. You must be able to at least defeat a Stink Bug and the Bombardier Beetle to craft the Insect Hammer.

Mint Mallet

Mint Mallet
Mint Mallet

The Mint Mallet is as powerful as it is refreshing. Don’t eat all the mints as I did. You should invest some instead to make the most powerful melee weapon in Grounded. Each swing will be heard from across the land as it clobbers those pesky bugs we always ran from. Deal “mouth town” fresh damage to any who dare challenge this shrunken teen.

All kidding aside, the mint hammer replaces many other weapons. So not only is it very effective in combat it also cleans some of your inventory out because we don’t need that spear or low-grade hammers anymore. Did I mention you can eat the mints already?

Mint Chunk

The Mint Chunks is located northeast of the Mysterious Machine. Stored inside an IceCaps container. The only problem is it isn’t open yet. You would be right to think you can whack this open somehow.

The top is closed and we are not the size we used to be. Must rely on our tools to get the job done. We need to use a hammer or even our fists can pop it open.

Mint Chunk Location
Grounded Mint Chunk Location

This brings me to the steps I’ve mentioned. Once we have access to the inside we are in the melee range of some mint chunks. Tier 1 tools are not good enough, unfortunately. Very early in the game, it is possible to craft the Pebblet Hammer but it won’t work in this case.

For this task, we need the Insect Hammer. A tier 2 tool capable of farming better resources.

How to Craft the Mint Mallet

Crafting the Mint Mallet is very easy in comparison to the Insect version. Mainly because it involves us find and defeating certain bugs. The Insect hammer is needed to break the mints though so… I guess it is all part of same the process right?

The follwing materials are required:

  • x9 Spider Silk
  • x8 Flower Pedal
  • x5 Mint Chunk

Step 1: Craft the Insect Hammer (Tier 2)

You will need the insect hammer to break the mints into chunks. To craft the Insect Hammer you must gather the following resources first.

  • x4 Berry Leather
  • x4 Stinkbug Part
  • x1 Boiling Gland

Berrys can be located far north-west at the edge of the map. There will be a massive wall with vines all over it. There are some Berries on the ground if you haven’t crafter the bow yet and if you have, just shot them down.

Stink Bug Parts are obtained by… you guessed it, killing Stink Bugs. It is not all that bad. The spawn location for these smelly creatures is located north-east where all the spiders are.

Boiling Glands come from Bombardier Beetles after a successful kill. If they don’t drop one you might have to do it again.

Step 2: Gather 5 Mint Chunks

Mint Chunks can only be found in the mint container. Now that you crafted the Tier 2 hammer just head over there and start whacking. Just make sure you are hitting the mints. I was smacking the case for 10 minutes before realizing it.

Step 3: Collect 9 Spider Silk

Spider Silk is from punching spider webs or killing small spiders. The baby spiders. Webs are everywhere and they are obvious to spot.

Step 4: Aquire 8 Flower Petals

Flower Petals fall from above in certain areas. Flowers are uncommon but are also easily spotted. Look up and pay attention to bright-colored peddles. There are some flowers northwest near the big wooden stumps surrounded by spiders.

Step 5: Use the Crafting Bench

That’s it! Bring all the required materials mentioned above to the Crafting Bench you built. You did build one right? Congratulations, you just obtained the best weapon in Grounded.

Now go show the miniature world what fresh breath probably smells like. I drank to much water from the dirty mud puddles. Even mints cant fix that! Yuck!