Grounded - How to craft the Gas Mask early

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The Gas Mask is a gear piece in Grounded that helps keep us safe from poison mist spread throughout the map. There are whole sections filled with poison and can not be entered until crafted and equipped.

There are many dangers lurking around the corner. Some insects also spew out poisonous gases from their body. So even if you are not exploring the far edges of the map, You should still take this face mask for your travels.

Gas Mask

Using the Gas Mask provides protection from poison in the air. It uses the nose from another animal to filter the oxygen before we breathe it in. It will not save you from venomous creatures that hit you directly.

A wearable weevil face that filters hazardous haze.

You should only use this mask if you are exploring new areas and don't want to worry about the green clouds. It is important to note that it provides no physical defense.

Only one piece of gear can be worn on each body part at a time. This will take the slot for your head. Meaning we have to sacrifice Physical Defense, Hauling Capacity, or Health bonuses we could be getting from another piece of armor.

Crafting the Gas Mask

Crafting the Gas Mask will demand resources from certain creatures and insects. Finding them is sometimes difficult and defeating them can be hard with the wrong weapons.

These are the requirments for crafting the Gas Mask:

Weevil Nose

Stinkbug Part

Weevil Nose is the black bugs with the long snout. They are everywhere.

Gnat Fuzz is the little puff balls that fly around. They are annoying. You'll know when you see them!

Woven Fiber is a resource that needs to be crafted from Plant Fiber.

Stinkbug Parts are obtained from bugs that exert green gas from their bodies.

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