Gnat Fuzz is a Resource in Grounded that can be collected from killing those pesky Gnats. They usually find you randomly, but we would like to share a location with dozens of them in one location.

Gnat Fuzz

These pesky bugs are round and black with small wings that make a buzzing sound when flying nearby. Not really dangerous but very annoying. Can be hard to hit with arrows and short-range melee weapons.

Gnat Fuzz
Gnat Fuzz

While these insects are flying they tend to randomly move about in no particular pattern. Making them hard to hit. Did I say they were annoying yet..?

This reource can be stacked in your inventory by Groups of 10.

Fighting Tips

The best way to fight Gnats is by using Gas Arrows. The big AOE is great because you don’t have to aim. Just shoot the ground they are near and they die in a couple of seconds.

You can also use the Pebblet Spear to fight them as well. Provides good range and is the easiest weapon to hit them with other than the gas.


The fiber from this insect is used to build:

  • Sprig Bow is a tier 1 bow that is useful for beginners but will be replaced by the Insect Bow.
  • Gas Mask will filter hazardous gas from Stink bugs and Gas Arrows.

Gnat Fuzz Location

Grounded Gnat Fuzz Locations
Grounded Gnat Fuzz Location

The best location to get Gnat Fuzz is far North-East to the right of the big Oak Tree. There is a gigantic garden light that attracts flying insects. This spot has 10 to 20 Gnats flying about. Once you get close enough they will fly down to you.

Grounded Gnat Fuzz
Grounded Gnat Fuzz

Be careful here as Orb Weavers visit this area. Once the coast is clear use your Gas Arrows to kill a bunch at once. Your inventory will fill very quickly with Raw Gnat Meat.

If you find your inventory full just drop all the meat to make space for the Fuzz. What ever is left over pick up and have a nice meal.

Farming Location

This location will always spawn Gnats. Sleeping for a couple days will force them to spawn again. Great for farming everything at once while your there and head back to base with a ton of resources.