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Where to gather Weed Stem in Grounded

Weed Stem is a Resource in Grounded and is harvested from Dandelion flowers. One of the many plants we need to gather along our journey. Dandelions can be spotted by the dry looking, sand-colored bark.

Basically look for the tallest plant and start swinging your axe at it. No, but seriously the flower is incredibly tall. Going into third-person can help spot them from afar.

Weed Stem

Weed Stem is a log of wood used for base building and few utilities that improve quality of life. These stems take the shape of trimmed logs after chopping down a flower with a Pebblet Axe. Can be carried in stacks of 5 and should be stored using a Log Pallet for safekeeping.

Weed Stem

It is rough in the wilderness. Shelters provide protection from the roaming bugs who love chasing you down. Base Building requires mostly Grass Planks with a few stems in between. Build the Log pallet next to your base.

Stack the pallets full all at once so you don't have to run back and forth from each dandelion to the base and back. It gets tedious. Trust me.

Best Weed Stem Location

Grounded Weed Stem Location

The best location for gathering Weed Stem is right next to the Mysterious Machine. There are many Dandelions to harvest to the west and northwest. There are also a couple right next to the first Field Station you find in the game.

Sometimes the logs can get caught high up on the grass above after chopping one down. To fix this either take down the grass its stuck on or leap across them to get some hight.