The Sprig Bow is a Weapon built-in Grounded that allows the wielder to do damage from afar. Tired of taking damage from creatures that will instantly kill you? This weapon is the answer.

The arrows will take a while to craft but you can pick them back up off the dead creature or the ground when we miss.

Sprig Bow

The Sprig Bow takes combat to the next level. It does more damage than the Pebblet Spear and shoots an arrow from a safe distance away. The only drawback is needing to craft the ammo before we can use it.

Sprig Bow
Sprig Bow

This adds to the grind but is well worth it in the end. In order to beat the hardest enemies in the game, we either need the best armor and a good spot to hit them without being damaged, or use the bow.

Sprig Bow Recipe

These are the requirements for Crating the Sprig Bow:

The recipe for the bow needs to be discovered before crafting. Bring any of the materials listed above to a Field Station and analyze them in the machine. You will be rewarbed the bluprint.