Tired of your base getting demolished by bugs? Try crafting a Spike Strip to protect your stuff while playing Grounded. Walls can only do so much by themselves. With a couple of well-placed traps, you can increase your chances of survival.

Sometimes bugs just spawn inside your structures. Other times they smelled your food storage and feel like taking it for themselves. Protection is vital for surviving the wilderness.

Spike Strip

Spike Strip
Spike Strip

Spike Strips are exactly what they sound like. Weed Stem logs with thistle needles sticking out of one end. The needles are attached using a combination of Sap and Woven Fiber.

A great DIY trap that is simple enough to craft early in the game and also useful for any base or compound you want to defend. Be careful these will damage you as well so watch your step!

How to unlock

To unlock Spike Strips we need to analyze thistle needles using the computer at a Field Station. The recipe will now appear on the traps category in the Crafting Menu.

Crafting Requirments

Listed below are the crafting requirements:

  • x3 Weed Stem
  • x3 Thistle Needle
  • x1 Sap
  • x1 Woven Fiber

How to make Spike Strips

To make this crafty trap you must first unlock the blueprint. Then gather the resources needed. After that go into your available traps in the crafting menu. Click build and a light blue figure will be placable in front of you.

This is an example of what the trap looks like and where it will be placed. Rotate the object by press Q and E on PC. You can place as many of these placeholders as you want. Once you gather all the materials in your inventory or in your hands you can hold E to actually build the trap.