The Bombardier Beetle is an enemy type in Grounded that uses bomb attacks to damage from a distance. The location we provide will allow you to sneak up behind this insect and attack from a safe spot. Watch out though. It can shoot back!

Bomb beetles have unique attacks and appearance. At first, new insects are scary. But once you understand how they fight and where they are you can choose when and how to engage. Hopefully, this guide helps you better understand what you up against.

Bombardier Beetle

Grounded Bombardier Beetle
Grounded Bombardier Beetle

Bombardier Beetles have a green outer shell on its back, big eyes, antennas, and 3 times the size of us. Intimidating, but lacks in attack variety. This beetles is fast enough to close the distance but prefers to stay back and spit bombs of acid.

The acid ball explodes when it lands and creates a toxic AOE (area of effect). Standing in the area will damage you until you move. The acid goes away in a couple of seconds. The beetle will sometimes also try to bite and lunge if you run up close.

Fighting Tips

The best way to fight this bug is to get up close. This is only a smart move if your good at blocking and have a strong weapon to fight with like the Mint Mallet. That thing wreaks. If not, stay back and spam arrow.

Spamming arrows from a distance is a better strategy overall even though this enemy is also ranged. As long as you strafe left and right between each acid spit from its mouth.

If you only have the Spring Bow it will take longer than using the stronger Insect Bow. Works either way. The insect bow does more damage so it speeds up the fight. Less time fighting and more time exploring!


After defeating creatures in the wild they will drop loot and resources. These can be analyzed to gather more information. New technology will award us with blueprints to craft high-quality gear and weapons.

Here is a list of resources that will drop after killing it:

  • Boiling Gland
  • Bombardier Part

Ingredients Used For

Boiling Glands can be analyzed to unlock the Insect Hammer and is used as an ingredient for building it as well.

The Parts unlock the Insect Axe and the Jerky Rack after being analyzed.

Bombardier Beetle Location

Bombardier Beetle Location
Bombardier Beetle Location

The best location for the Bombardier Beedle is on the South-East part of the map right before the gas. The big object you see in the map above is a rock. It is massive. Get to the top of it and a single bug should be there. If not have a look around it shouldn’t be too far away.

Stink Bugs are also in the area. Just in case you need some reBombardier Beetlesources from them as well.

This is not the only spot they spawn. It is however the most constant. Every time I went to this rock there was a beetle here in the exact same spot.