How to craft Aphid Slippers in Grounded

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Aphid Slippers are a type of Gear in Grounded that increases your movement speed. Here is our guide on how to unlock and craft the slippers. Note that these are essential for the exploration and we suggest you build them as soon as possible.

Aphid Slippers

Aphid Slippers are crafted from those little cute green bugs that jump up and down trying to get our attention. Yes, you have to kill not one but TWO!. I know it's tough but how else are we going to zoom across the map?

Aphid Slippers
A pair of slippers made from aphid meat. Not very effective defensively, but they greatly increase your movement speed.

These are like the Boots of Hermes for children. Once you put them on its feels bad taking them off. Speed good, Slow bad.

There is a choice to be made here. You can not have these on and a complete set of armor. These will be equipped as lower body gear.

How to Unlock the Slippers

Analyze some Raw Aphid Meat at a Field Station to unlock the blueprint.

Before crafting these magical shoes we need to gather resources from some bugs first. Lucky for us they are the easiest enemies in the game but they spawn randomly.

Crafting Requirments

Everything other than natural resources must first be crafted. Resources need to gathered and scanned before making them.

The requirments for crafting Aphid Slippers are:

Mite Fuzz

Aphid Meat

  • Mite Fuzz comes from killing those little red bugs called mites. They drop fuzz and meat.
  • Aphid Meat comes from killing aphids. Our little green friends that are so happy to see us. Sacrifice needs to be made.
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