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How to build Arrows in Grounded

An arrow is a craftable ammo type in Grounded that is used with the Sprig Bow or Insect Bow to shoot enemies from long distances. Great for fighting creatures that can only melee allowing us to rain down arrows from a safe distance.

Ammo can be collected off the ground after a fight. If you can remember where you shot them all, of course. No need to recraft them unless you want an endless supply. That s always good to have.


The arrow in Grounded is made with fuzz from mites and needles from the Thistle Plant. No sharpening required! The Bow on the other hand is. We can not hold arrows in our hands as weapons in case you were wondering.

Arrows are unlocked by analyzing Thistle Needles at a Field Station.


This is the best-ranged weapon in the game in my opinion. Just for the fact that we can deal damage at a safe distance. Will just have to farm up the materials required to craft enough to kill everything of course. No sweat!

Crafting Recipe

These are the requirments for crafting 10 Arrows:

  • 2X Mite Fuzz
  • 5X Thistle Needle

Mite Fuzz can be found from red termite bugs crawling on the ground in the north.

Thistle Needles can only be found on the Thistle Plant. Farm as many as you want. The plant never breaks!

Venom Arrow

Venom Arrows are unlocked by analyzing Spider Venom and are much more deadly than the standard version. It does damage over time and they stack on top of each other. It requires you to kill a venomous spider to craft.

Venom Arrow

Crafting Recipe

  • 1X Spider Venom
  • 5X Arrows

These materials will craft a bundle of 5 Venom arrows. Spider Venom comes from Orb Weavers. You can spot them by the big yellow sack.

Lure Arrow

Lure Arrows are unlocked by analyzing Flower Pedals at a Field Station.

Lure Arrow

These bring us some strategy options by luring bugs to a location we shoot at. Great for distracting our foes when in trouble to get away or luring them into traps for easy kills.

Crafting Recipe

  • 5X Arrow
  • 1X Flower Pedal

Flower Pedals fall from high up and can mostly be found on the ground. Lookup for bright colored pedals and there is a good chance some are on the floor around you somewhere.

Gas Arrow

Gas Arrows can be unlocked by analyzing Stinkbug sacks at a Field Station.

Gas Arrow

Imagine having the power of the Stink Bug. Well, it's basically that. A combination of the lure and gas is a potent combo. Make these as soon as you can. It's great for groups of bugs because the cloud is large. The AOE lasts about 10 seconds.

Crafting Recipe

  • 1X Stinkbug Gas Sack
  • 1X Arrow

Sacks from stink bugs are drop after killing one. Sometimes they don't drop so you might have to kill another one until it does.