Floors are a Base Building resource in Grounded for making houses or simple shelters. Not sleeping on the cold ground is a basic tip of survival. Make some floors to improve your quality of life. Great for keeping heat insulated from the ground.

The blueprint needs to be discovered before we start crafting. So get your gear ready and sharpen your spear. Its time to go on an adventure. Somewhere north, near a very large oak tree.



Floors are the base of any structure you can build. Will often find yourself constructing many of these during your playthrough. You can’t just place them anywhere though. It must attach to the wall or some kind of foundation first.

After placing a floor, the next one we place will snap along the edges. This allows us to quickly see where we want to continue building.

How to unlock Floors

To unlock Floors in Grounded you must make your way to the BURG.L Tech Chip Swap Shop. It’s a robot selling technology for Raw Science in the Oak Lab.

BURG.L is first discovered in the EXPLOSION mission. There was a violent explosion near the oak tree after fixing lasers at the Mysterious Machine. The radio communication has gone silent. Something went wrong with the experiment!

Grounded Tech Shop Map
Tech Shop Location

Go to the location on the map above and investigate the explosion. Keep searching the lab until you find the machine with the red and green buttons. It is right next to the big purple glass tube. Can’t miss it. Press random ones still you get them all green.

Once the buttons are lit the doors will open. On the other side is a mysterious robot who fell on his back and can’t get up. That is BLURG.L.

Multi-Tiered Base Building

Multi-Story Bases
Grounded Unlock Floors

Unlocking the Multi-Tiered Base Building allows us to craft different types of structures. After buying the Chip the following blueprints will unlock:

  • Stairs – Verticle traversal wherever it needed.
  • Floor – A Solid Floor, or ceiling depending on the situation.
  • Triangle Floor – A Triangular floor.