Here is the resource wiki page for Thistle Plants in grounded. These plants provide Thistle Needle and are used to craft multiple items in the game. Information may change in future patches during early access. We will keep this page updated.

This plant will not damage you when harvesting the needle even if you happen to get close to the prickly needle on the edge of the leaves.

Grounded Thistle Plant
Grounded Thistle Plant

Thistle Plant Location

Thistle Pant Location Map
Grounded Thistle Plant Location Map

The Thistle Plant is located just south of the Mysterious Machine. It is a green plant with wide spikes along the edges. Will give 1x needle per attack with the Pebblet Axe.

As far as we can tell the plant can not be destroyed. I’ve spent 10 minutes whacking the thing at its still there. Good for us! More arrows for those pesky Spiders.

Location 2

Thistle Plant Location 2
Thistle Location 2

Just south of the first location is another spot to get some needles. This area has Bombardier Beetles, Orb Waivers, and Wolf Spiders. If you need materials from these bugs as well its a great spot for farming.

Location 3

Thistle Plant Location 3
Thistle Location 3

This location is a bit riskier. Many spiders live around the area with webs scattered about. On a more positive note, you can also collect some Flower Peddles while you’re here. Can also collect Clean Water from the juice box nearby.

Location 4

Thistle Plant Location 4
Thistle Plant Location 2

Another risky move is to head far north-east for another plant to farm. If you already in the area go for it but we don’t recommend new players to venture this far.

Thistle Needle Recipes

Thistle Needle
Thistle Needle

In grounded, Thistle Needles are used to craft the following items:

  • Arrow
  • Spike Trap
  • Spiky Sprig

This resource can only be harvested with an axe. No other weapon can be used for harvesting this plant.