The Pebblet Hammer is a craftable weapon in Grounded that is required to gather resources from large Rocks and other useful materials. Considered primitive technology but extremely useful for surviving the back yard horrors.

Busting tools are generally used for smashing and craking other objects into smaller ones. Allowing a 10-year-old kid to put 100 of them into his backpack.

Pebblet Hammer

Pebblet Hammer
Pebblet Hammer

Pebblet Hammer is not just used for farming materials. It is also a decent weapon. Deals moderate damage at a slow speed but will stun your target.

Allowing us to follow up with another swing or to run away creating a safe distance.

How to craft the Pebblet Hammer

To craft the Pebblet Hammer you will need a Working Bench and the following resources:

x3 Sprig – Found everywhere appearing as small tree branches sprouting from the ground.

x4 Pebblets – Small rocks also found randomly and are highlighted with a small white glow.

x1 Crude Rope – Must be crafted and has its own Recipe that must be unlocked by analyzing Plant Fiber.