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Crude Rope is a resource in Grounded that can not be found and must be crafted by the player. This recipe is locked. The player must discover the recipe by using some technology hidden around the back yard.

Woven Fiber has been changed to Crude Rope in patch 0.2.1

Crude Rope Material

A textile Made of stips of Plant Fiber. Highly useful in recipes and blueprints.

Crude Rope is used as rope and other types of fibers. It is a basic resource for many crafting recipes in the game.

Mainly used for cloth and rope for building structure weapons and gear to help us survive the danger of the miniature back yard.

How to make Crude Rope

To make Crude Rope you must take some basic Plant Fiber to the Analyze Machine in a Field Station. This will provide us with Recipes for crafting improved materials.

<a href="">Mint Chunk</a>

Plant Fiber
Bundle of plant fibers. A flexible resource for weaving and binding.

Plant Fiber can be found on the ground anywhere. They look like small plant with three leaves or a short thin green plant.

Crude Rope Crafting Recipes

Here a list of all crafing recipes using Crude Rope:

There are 31 total recipes to make.

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