Days Gone Attractor Bomb Crafting Recipe | Unlock Guide

Days Gone Attractor Bomb Crafting Recipe | Unlock Guide

To unlock the Attractor Bomb Crafting Recipe in Days Gone you have to clear Ambush Camps. A Noise making bomb that attracts nearby Freakers before detonating. Meaning we are combining two strong items into one. Producing the best device in the game but also requiring more resources. Combine a Can with a Spark Igniter, Gun Powder, Clock, Car Alarm, and Scrap. Its no secret zombies

Days Gone Proximity Bomb Crafting Recipe

Days Gone | Proximity Bomb Crafting Recipe – IED

You unlock the Days Gone Proximity Bomb by progressing in the Ambush Camp Hunter storyline. Not to be confused with the Mine version of this device. Being a sensor IED this crafting recipe requires many resources to build. Some are no so easy to find but we can help with that! Proximity Bomb – A proximity-triggered improvised explosive device. Background Information on IEDs Here is

Days Gone MG 55 and Mag Upgrade

Days Gone | MG 55 with MAG Upgrade Unlocked

Here is our guide on How to unlock the MG 55 and Mag Upgrade in Days Gone. This LMG is capable of firing 115 rounds after you equip the extended magazine. Its called a magazine even though the weapon is belt fed in real life. Introduce to the world by the USA in 1967 originally called M60 Machine Gun. A tactical military grade weapon with

Days Gone Growler Farming Locations

Days Gone Growler Farming Locations | Unlimited Jugs

You just found the best Days Gone Growler Farming Locations for gaining unlimited jugs to craft Napalm Molotov’s. In one run we got a total of 8 from the sawmill but can get more than 10 if you inspect every building. Here are our main locations. These glass growler jugs are filled to the rim with napalm instead of beer. The Molotov’s angry older brother capable of

Our Days Gone Exploit Guide

Days Gone Exploit | Unlimited Crafting Materials

If your ever low on resources you can use this Days Gone Exploit to get unlimited crafting materials. Sometimes after an intense fight with a horde we can use up all our resources. Some items take up to 5 materials to craft each. This helped me in my play through and want to share it. Deacon and Boozer eventually get a bed to sleep on

how to unlock the chicago chopper

Days Gone Chicago Chopper | Gun Location Guide

Here is our Gun Location Guide for the Days Gone Chicago Chopper also know as the legendary Tommy Gun. With a huge ammo capacity and fast fire rate this gun can take a lot of enemies down. Accurate as close range. This weapon being in Military Spec Condition means its top tier material. Drum Gun The Thompson has a mag capacity of 55 at stock.

Bullpup Rifle in Days Gone

Days Gone | IDF Pup Weapon and Mag Upgrade

We noticed it was hard to find solid info on How To Unlock The IDF Pup Weapon in Days Gone so we decided to find everything we could and share it. At face value this weapon is an Exterminator and substantially better than most guns in the game. Solid accuracy, ammo and recoil with high firepower, this rifle has it all. Being in Special Forces

Days Gone Drifter Crossbow

Days Gone | Drifter Crossbow Guide – How To Unlock

Upgraded Version In the world of Days Gone we are faced with freakers and homicidal maniacs. Attention is not something we are after. For those moments when you need to be unheard is where the Drifter Crossbow comes in. At the very beginning of the story line Deacon rides to a new camp with Boozer. In the special tab inside your locker will be the

Fire Crossbow

Days Gone | Incendiary Bolt Crafting Recipe (Fire Bolt)

An improved version of a standard crossbow. When dealing with the freakers, fire is your best friend. The Days Gone Incendiary Bolt Crafting Recipe for the Drifter Crossbow is unlocked by completing the Ambush Camp Hunter storyline. Therefore, upon completion you will also unlock the Explosive Bolt. A Crossbow Bolt the burns its target Incendiary Bolt Crafting Recipe These flaming arrows are extremely efficient at

Days Gone Remote Bomb Crafting Recipe

Days Gone | Remote Bomb Crafting Recipe (Big Damage)

Remote Bomb – A remote-detonated explosive (device made from a Cars Airbag A breakout of infested took over the landscape and Deacon takes it upon himself to clear as many nests and hordes that he can manage. Days Gone Remote Bomb Crafting Recipe does big damage and is very useful from a distance. Capable of setting of nearby explosives by hitting Right on the D-pad