Here we have the crazed World War Z Bull that is a special zombie type designed as a tank, that can withstand heavy damage. Video games present difficulty in various forms. Using elaborate puzzles, aggressive enemy AI and mini-bosses with unique mechanics to challenge us.

Learn how to defeat the new Bomber Special Zombie.

As a Bull, the devs took some characteristics from the actual animal and implemented them into the game. Charging players at full speed with no heed of caution.

Bull Zombie

Bulls in World War Z can be seen with full Riot Gear on. Big, bulky zombie covered in armor. Once it spots a player they will become enraged and sprint at full speed ready to snatch your health bar. Do not be fooled. It may be large and look slow, but once it screams this thing hauls a**.

Their overly aggressive playstyle reveals its most obvious weakness. If they successfully grab someone they will smash them on the ground repeatedly until they die. Shooting these behemoths will take a lot of ammo unless we are targeting their weak points.

This zombie was originally Riot Police before the outbreak. It did not transform into a different type of Zeke but took over the person’s body with the armor still attached. Similar to the Bomber and less like a lurker.

World War Z Bull

There is a Gold Bull variation that can not be killed. Enabled by a unique Mutator called Nemesis. It can only be applied to the challenge mission or in private lobbies. You will be chased throughout the entire mission by a bull that can’t be killed. Good for training, and learning how to deal with bulls before going to higher difficulties.


At first glance, it is very intimidating because it’s so aggressive. Scratches on the back reveal torn flesh under its armor plating. Shooting that weak spot will do full damage, ignoring armor.

There are other weaknesses that aren’t as apparent. A glass shield on the helmet can be broken after being shot at a couple of times, allowing full damage to the head. Not sure if this does more or less damage compared to the back.

While it is rushing, most people run away or try to get behind cover to avoid getting grabbed. You can shoot the bull’s legs while it’s charging to cause it to stumble. Giving your team time to react and focus fire its weak points.

Runs fast but can not change directions or turn very well. It mostly runs in a straight line with minor direction change. It can be dodged easily.


  • Rush – Rushes at a player stopping at nothing until it either slams into a wall or grabs you.
  • Hulk Smash – Pins you down, breaking the concrete floor with your spine until you stop moving.
  • Roar – Harness its furious anger before charging, making a loud zombie scream heard for miles.

How to Defeat The Bull

The best way to defeat the bull is by making them stumble when it first tries to charge at someone. Focus all your fire on the visor if you are in front, or scratches on its back if you are behind him. This ensures we do the most damage and take down this heavy zombie quickly.

If a member of your team is being pinned, the only way they can get to their feet is to either kill the Bull or give your friend a shot from the Stim Pistol.

Other methods such as using Tasers, Claymore, C4, and Grenades also work. It’s just not as effective. Call out a heavy when you see one. Alert your team if playing online and deal with it sooner than later. Letting one of these bash a team member off the ground like a rag doll can cause your whole team to go down.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try strafing left or right (horizontal) while it is running if there is nothing to get behind. 
  • It can be continuously stunned by shooting its knee cap if times correctly.
  • Can melee the weak spot on its back.
  • Turn on the Nemesis mutator to get more experience vs the bulls.