Here is our guide for World War Z on How to start with Tier 3 Weapons from the very beginning of your playthrough. Multiple Tiers have unique weapons for each class that the player can equip to use against the undead. When starting WWZ for the first time you will need to unlock attachments for each gun individually.

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As you progress in each class other guns become available for use through perks in the skill tree. Each class can only start with certain weapons. Unless you find a weapon at a resupply box there is no other way to obtain them. Here is another helpful guide on Prestige Ranks for each class in WWZ.

How To Start With Tier 3 Weapons in Horde Mode

Tier 3 weapons are considered the best guns in World War Z. So starting with them gives you a huge advantage right off the bat. It requires certain classes and needs to be set up but will allow you to reach higher waves easier.

Horde Mode is simple in theory. Survive the waves by earning points and purchasing defense equipment to hold off the zombie horde. These points are easily earned using breaching charges.

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Start with Fixer Class to start with a Breaching Charge
  2. Blast open the first Locked Container and collect the first Supply Crate
  3. Find another Breaching Charge in the map (use provided image)
  4. Open the second Container with the other Supply Crate
  5. Purchase Tier 3 Primary Weapons from vendor

Breaching Charge Locations

To start with Tier 3 Weapons in horde mode you will need to either use the Fixer or Hellraiser class. Each can begin with a breaching charge. Fixer unlocks one at level 7 with perk called “Knock Knock” and Hellraiser gets one at level 27 with the same perk.

Now that we have the right setup lets jump into a match. Once we spawn on the map the timer will start after we reach the Terminal Building. Rush to the first Locked container and use your breaching charge. Collecting the Supply Crate inside will reward us with 150 points each.

The next step is to find another Breaching Charge on the ground somewhere on the map. They spawn in specific location. Use the image below to find all the spawn points.

World War Z Breaching Charge Locations
Breaching Charge Locations. Click To Zoom In.

After finding another charge go use it on the next locked container. This rewards us with another 150 points. We now have a total of 300 total points plus the 60 we start off with giving us a total of 360 points.

Purchase Tier 3 Weapons from the locker

Run to the locker where you purchase upgrade and defensive items. Navigate to the Weaponry tab and purchase Tier 3 Primary Weapons. Two primary weapons will spawn next to you. Congratulations. You now have the most powerful gins in World War Z before the first wave even started.

You must purchase two different things. Unlocking Tier 3 Primary weapons will allow you to purchase them costing 150 points. Then you actually purchase the weapons costing 200 points. 2 Random Tier 3 primary weapons will appear nearby. If spawn locations nearby are occupied with weapons they will be swapped.


Tier 3 Weapons are the upper echelon in World War Z. Guns that are supposed to be earned later on in the game to match the difficulty of higher waves. Following this guide makes you extremely strong from the very start of Horde Mode. Now you only have to focus on buying electric grids and auto-turrets to defend the survivors.

Surviving to wave 20+ is much easier using this method. Get familiar with the spawn locations of the Breaching Charges and find the best route to take going from one location to the next. The WWZ Hord Map is not very big so it will only take about 5 runs to learn the layout. Hope this guide helped.