In the Kill It With Fire update, they released new World War Z Prestige Weapons to unlock. Each gun has a unique skin and modified stats to complement the class they can be used for. All these guns are completely free. Don’t worry. You can keep all your tokens for prestige classes.

See our WWZ Prestige Ranks guide for more information about classes. It is an in-depth guide for all the perks of every class. Great to get you up to speed before we dive in.

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All Prestige Weapons

Every class has a weapon to unlock. We must first hit Prestige Rank 2 before we can use the new guns for each class. Some have unique mechanics built into them. Others just have stat tweaks to improve some overall stats.

All these guns can be equipped as starter weapons too. We don’t have to pick them up in the game. Just make sure you activate the perk for each class first. Let’s take a look at all the weapons, one class at a time.

Slasher Prestige Gun

Slasher Prestige Weapon

The original crossbow can be picked up by any class. This upgraded Crossbow version is exclusive to the Slasher. Repeater-X gets a solid bump in accuracy and power. Shark Skin camo applies a special ability. Making the wielder invulnerable to any self-damage

Unique Perk – Immune to explosive damage from the crossbow.

  • Power – 6
  • Accuracy – 8
  • Handling – 10
  • Fire Rate – 1
  • Max Penetration – 0
  • Magazine – 5

Overall, the crossbow is ok at best. Fun to use. Works well if zombies are clustered together. Too often do I find it only killing one or two zombies because the AOE of the explosion is too small. In the same amount of time, we could have killed 10x more. Make sure to have a good sidearm.

Exterminator Prestige Gun

Exterminator Prestige Weapon

The Exterminator Prestige weapon is the Taiga-12 enhanced Shotgun. Semi-auto with a built-in suppressor. It also receives the Bear Arms weapon perk. Great crowd control if there are any zombies left around us when we reload.

Unique Perk – Push back nearby zombies while reloading.

  • Power – 9
  • Accuracy – 4
  • Handling – 6
  • Fire Rate – 3
  • Max Penetration – 2
  • Magazine – 12

Overall, the upgraded Taiga-12 feels like a heavy weapon. Huge damage at close range. Great at conserving ammo because of the penetration. It also has knockback while reloading. If you’re into shotguns you will love this gun.

Hellraiser Prestige Gun

Hellraiser Prestige Weapon

The S890 is a new Compact Shotgun for the Hellraiser class. Fires semi-auto buckshot with an attached suppressor. It comes with the Eagle Scout weapon perk. Amazing at distance for a shotgun. Slow firing rate but make up for that in raw damage.

Unique Perk – Increased Shotgun Range by 150% and each pellet will punch through 1 more target.

  • Power – 9
  • Accuracy – 4
  • Handling – 4
  • Fire Rate – 2
  • Max Penetration – 2
  • Magazine – 8

Overall, the S890 is a total beast. Amazing damage. Will kill anything in one or two shots at mid-range. Added penetration shows the most when fighting hordes. If you’re into shotguns and play the Hellraiser class unlock this shotgun.

Gunslinger Prestige Gun

Gunslinger Prestige Weapon

Gunslingers at Prestige 2 unlock the LAR Classic Battle Rifle. Suppressed and fully automatic. It comes with a new perk called Tiger Claw. It feels like an enhanced version of the default gun. Great for taking down special zombies.

Unique Perk – (Tiger Claw) This weapon deals 25% more damage to special zombies.

  • Power – 7
  • Accuracy – 5
  • Handling – 6
  • Fire Rate – 5
  • Max Penetration – 2
  • Magazine – 20

Overall, the LAR can hold its own in a zombie apocalypse. If World War Z breaks out this will serve as a great companion. If your a gunslinger main, take this free weapon. But I wouldn’t prestige twice for it otherwise.

Medic Prestige Gun – SMG

Wwz Prestige Ranks

Medics receive the Gal 9 Compact Sub Machine Gun at prestige rank 2. Boasting its incredible fire rate. Silent but deadly. Moderate damage, decent accuracy and is a total bullet hose. Receives a new perk called Snake Bite. Gun camo is a snake on the side of the gun. From the trigger all the way to the tip of the suppressor.

Unique Perk – Gal 9 Weapon Fire Rate increased by 50%.

  • Power – 5
  • Accuracy – 6
  • Handling – 7
  • Fire Rate – 10
  • Max Penetration – 1
  • Magazine – 40

Overall, performs excellent when fired up close. The increased rate of fire is nice but can lead to ammo problems. It can also compete with the other SMGs that medics use via perks. Giving us more options to choose from.

Fixer Prestige Gun – Rifle

Fixer Prestige Gun

Fixer unlocks the Mini-21 Scout Rifle at prestige rank 2. It comes with a perk called Wolf Pack that a damage boost for the weapon. Semi-auto and silent like the other weapons. Replaces the Sporting Carbine.

Unique Perk – This Weapon Deals 10% more damage per teammate carrying the same weapon.

  • Power – 5
  • Accuracy – 6
  • Handling – 6
  • Fire Rate – 3
  • Max Penetration – 1
  • Magazine – 30